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He Is Those Fallen In Love, I Heard You So Well

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     -Seem to be seeing, arriving along my prayer bed, like divine text messages and I quote, "Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way, Jesus is coming, Jesus is on the way!"  02/17/2015, Apb

     -Seem to be courting Keanu Reeves, the day the earth stood still, 05/22/2017, (possibly the sky-watchers seeing a nearing NEO like Nibiru, that's not the end of the world, but present civilization into God's Kingdom, New Age to come, Apb  

                              O Lamb Of God I Come, I___Come,
                               And The Bride Did Reign In Heaven

      My beloved spake, and said unto me, Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come away. For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land; The fig tree putteth forth her green figs, and the vines with the tender grape give a good smell. Arise, my love, my fair one, and come away. Sol. 2:10-13

                         He Is Those Fallen In Love, I Heard You So Well 

     -There are a few saying this romantic verse out of the book of Solomon, (king Solomon), the one describing true love as death. I guess you can say once you fall, in love that is, you are no longer, well you completely forget yourself all attention turns otherwise, you are a new person. It's sorta what Holy Spirit's mean, when they call on self to be pound into the dust, kill your sins off, fall in love, not with just anybody this vanity, but with Jesus, as with God, The Lord Ancient Overall.
     -I must admit it, when I read it, I was suddenly, gloriously set back to thirty-ones springs ago, I'd just laid my closet, my face, lamenting God's Spirit, so Holy, so Merciful, so True come and reign this Heart. Thus this flesh, born again, mind, soul, all unholy things I once was. Such the transgressor even shaped of me my mother's womb, cursed blood was now miraculously at my surrendering cry, call transformed into a Holiness, (Christ), of God.
     -Admittedly, finishing as described Solomon's Song, a breathtaking spring day walk, resting along a duck pond, I was looking skyward. Heartily I was wishing for an appearance of Christ, Jesus. This was like months after I was by Holy Scripture made to understand I as all born men was damn, cursed until death and dying in this horror, despite what they call it, temporary. Then even more unthinkable, unrealizable, I as all men was eternally damn this curse, this judgment to follow, it would seem whosoever name isn't by Christ's bloody Cross to resurrection of life.
     -That's names not written in the Lamb's Book Of Life, surely only the Blood Redeemed, then lakes of fire, scorching with brimstone, and gnashing of teeth just unimaginable terror for Satan and demons let alone any human being. Simply. shake off of your feet the great distractor, Satan's Seat disguised as the American Dream, instead get Jesus, get to the Lord Bridegroom most Holy, most True, the Marriage Supper, an unimagined celebration, Dawn's for all bidden it's way.
     -He, this reappearing Resurrection of Life, was as white as the driven snow, with huge white wings, some say clouds, but I know what I saw. They, these healing wings the prophet Malachi describes is to arrive as with the Sunlight of God, at both of His sides. As so like Solomon's sweet, touching and soothing song, He, this Christ of Glorification spoke one word, "Come," ( Arise, my love, my fair one, and 'COME' away). summoning His Bride up to Him, these three times, indeed.
     -"Come," frightfully so, the flesh being weak, I admit, I knew I was going home, "come unto me, though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; 'Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and ye shall find rest unto your souls; 'Come unto me, how often I would gather you together as a hen doeth gather her brew, that where I am ye maybe too. Though all by Christ's Cross are bidden to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, all are not with readied hearts after Him, repent! Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, 

                                     Failing Nights, 1st Stanza, Apb 

     -My Dear Maaseiah, the failing nights are laying a foundation of solitude and isolation is all but drilling lastingness and continuance has to offer. It is those encounters you hold fast, as well their well-versed voices, chatter and laughter and soon. Just as soon a sunup bring on its heel an even more drooling after dark than lonesomeness. How to spend this great imperilment I beseech thee, this dismal archenemy and my sole heart its sitting duck? Apb ...( Arise, my love, my fair one, and 'COME' away), SOS


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The Light Of Beowulf Michael, The Invasion Of Peace On Earth

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 1986-2016/17
The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Beowulf Michael Angelo and Charlotte Nicole Wellson was born their first son Sebastian Mukai Angelo, a second son, Idris Elijah Angelo and a daughter Gabrielle (Gabby), Kierston Wellson

       And these are the descendants of the beauty rescued from the hands of the beast: Beast Of Beauty Featuring Beowulf Michael Angelo

.            ..          Thy neck is like the tower of David Build For An Armory...
                                                            Scene I

     -"I'm sorry Eve but how am I supposed to be?" As one removing the used teabag into the trash, putting away and tidying back up. "The deadliest times this nation and this world has ever seen is speeding all of us toward it's well prophesied finale. This year now of 2017, with the churches motto being better things in 2017, as in what, better, more magnificent horrors than ever before? I know, I know it's really catchy, but just another form of normalcy bias don't you think? Hey, hey, calm down, pleaseeee," as one taking husband Sioux Noel hand, leading him hot cup and all into the sitting room. Justly along a seat to her, Pediatric Surgeon, Specialist, wife, Adam, Eve Lynn. A stunning help meet to him now in ways most miraculous carrying their soon to be, first child, son, Eagle Canyon Mountain. "Sweet heart, you act as though they don't know, that you, even the Juttah Tribe didn't tell them, that Sia Maaaseiah haven't been telling them forever. Even about the appearance of the Angel Gabriel telling them the same thing, and his mentioning the seventh angel that you say is just pure genius. Oh, believe me, there will be better things in 2017, but only Sioux if you're the church Bride, end time fulfillment is fastening upon its rapture, Maaseiah has seen her reigning in heaven and far beyond that. Plus I have this dream, this weird to fascinating dream I must tell you about; for in the last days Holy Spirit will pour out of Himself upon all flesh, right? So in the dream there were people for as far as the eyes could see and they were lined up in battle array, face forward, as in shoulder to shoulder three persons to each group. They were Sioux in the order of Male, female, then male, and the next group of three, female to male to female. Always in arrangement of Mexican, to Black to White, so it would be Mexican Male, Black Female, White Male, you mean Eve always in that order? Yeah, weird huh? Then the next line, Mexican Female, Black Male, and White Female, all again face forewarn in this formation that never end. Well could you see what they were wearing? Getting direct attention, was wife Eve Lynn dream intriguing at best. "I mean it would Eve give you some ideal of who they are, ah yes, they were all uniformly dressed, they had on beige to pale colored tops, to blue slacks, with beige colored house shoes on their feet. House shoes, as in a Moccasin? Correct," as though a light of awareness come on most pleasing, was husband Sioux Noel already seeing clarifying things. While Sioux overhead and all around going and coming were these like, single engine, airplanes I guess, and they were everywhere. You mean gliders? I guess you can call them that, both coming and going. So were they Sioux, these orderly people all lined up along an airstrip, awaiting flight? As I said, I looked around, I glanced, there was no end to this line. So what do you remember about the planes, what color were they, ah yes, it was so many of them. They were blue and some were black, and they both had white writing on the side of them. So some were blue? Ah more navy blue actually, others black? please tell me you remember what the writing said? I don't I only remember it was white, yeah Apache we're in here," hearing brother Apache Arrow come in. His ride to work for that morning, his week to carpool, Sioux Noel his first of several others. 'Good morning you guys, I would love some coffee, ah, stay here, I'll get it for you, Apache, yeah, ah Eve was just telling me about a dream she had, really, really special. I'll go into details later, I don't know whether it's an invasion or a military build up, really odd. Here you go my darling brother, ah be careful that's really hot, and darling husband I do remember the writing on the planes. Those that were black was written with R, Troops, as in the letter R, and on the navy blue planes, was written in white US or us Troops, R, as in Russia? Or Sioux in Reserves, or the both of you as in Repentant." >>>"I was reading in scripture lately, don't truly remember, but it was a nation so inundated with troubles, battles come to their soil, that when the battle drum sounded there where none to go, they had no troops for this ground assault. So the black planes were written in white, R troops, and the navy blue planes, US or us Troops, which all look like gliders? Time I heard that, it remind me of the earliest of war planes, yeah, I considered that as well, written in white, R Troops to US Troops. She said the people where lined up Apache by three, in a Male to Female, then Female to Male sequence, always Mexican, Black and White, always in that order. Face forward, in perfect battle array, the line all around this landing strip without end. While when we consider the Genesis, it is said the first Adam was Red, that Africa is the Cradle of mankind. Even that Noah three sons, just remember all curses and transgressions ever past and present are settled, scapegoat and all by belief and obedience in Christ's Bloody Cross. Though Noah's Sons, and Elohim's ingenious way of resetting the woman seed, Shem, Japheth and Ham, reproduced the Adam along three primary ethnicities, that would one day give us the last Adam. The Israelites and the Arabs, come through Shem, the white and the yellow, through Japheth and Through Ham, those who populated Africa. So through Shem is come the biblical Cross, as so the teaching of Islam. Which is by way of Japheth, has come world rule by the pale skin, and by Ham, whose seed was cursed, has come Africa. All of whom cursed, unbelievers, or blessed, believers, now make up a greatly judged, sentenced and punished unrepentant, America. What about the bible concept brothers of the first shall be last, and the last first, couldn't that as well explain this order? Good thought Marked, and Eve Lyn did say it could mean us troops, like them r, us. So all my brothers sitting at his table, is this dream about invasion or a build up to war, where either or none are exempt. I believe Sioux it is neither, that this is an arrival, that is what this order is about, all men, the man, the woman have all been placed on the same playing field, first to last, last to first in perfect order of three, as in a blessed trinity, a regiment of peace. The R, planes, ok, what does this R stand for? Russia or Reserves, why black and blue? I believe it's a build up to war, that these are all troops, that these planes, these proposed gliders represent a set back to earlier times, like the most recent autos won't be usable, nor will other such ground, to air craft dependent upon modern day technology. The only thing Medicine wrong with your theory, Eve Lyn say clearly how these persons were dressed and there was nothing military about it. With the exception Sioux of the Moccasin for shoes it reminds me of the school dress code across the country, who are all targets. This dress Saber did seem more domestic, yeah but couldn't that Lion Wolf be representative of a nation like America all laid back, comfortable, crying peace and safety while there are pending horrors all round them? Ah my Christ, Medicine Bow, a house shoe type footwear and pale to beige dress is to represent calm, rest, even security. Yeah yeah, but not prophetically, pale or beige prophetically represent death, a quarter of the earth, Beowulf, what? You guys told me to read, study, so I did, it could also be a wolf, an evil world conquest in sheep clothing, this innocence. So are we Cheyenne, the rest of you saying these two scenarios are actually detached one from the other, though they shouldn't be? I know Sioux it's not yours nor Maaseiah dream, but is it afar from the slow motion exodus, the line upon line of millions awaiting a single water cooler, the grim reaper attacking just as people finally stampede. That's in Ezekiel 5, excuse me, God promised to come after them with fire even as they flee, counting their procrastination at repentance as sin, wow Ezekiel again, she said it. Look all of you, there's a reason why these planes are marked different, one black as R Troops, and the other navy blue as US or us Troops, this is an arrival of resurrected troops, I'm telling you, of whom Bronze, what? Just the fact that this plane is black, as in danger, as in death, I guess the R could stand for Resurrection, rising from the darkest, blackest times ever? Ok who has a black army? I don't think Marked that matter, I believe Sioux, and Bronze are right, explaining how R planes can be black. I believe the R stands for revelation, reserved and rapture as in set aside, as in out of the pictured right now, and made to relax and everything is changed forever. Still Lion Wolf, Sioux, even Beowulf make sense seeing there was no battle here, that it as Bronze said is possibly an arrival, even an invasion of peace on earth, which totally make sense. An invasion of peace on earth, wow Sabertooth, I really like that, clearly Sioux there are still questions, did she witness them board these planes, did it appear as though the black to blue planes were in military confrontation? I asked her, Bronze, the answer to both questions is no, she only witness these crafts taking to and descending from flight, almost like they had the same goal only differing regiments. What if the planes wasn't taking them, but arriving them to a safe zone, which is why they all stood at proper format, ah at prestigious attention? Though if they're the same Sioux why are they so obviously different, not the people they're in perfect Cadence, as Beowulf again said, by the way Sia Beowulf, welcome to the Tribe. Though these flights, these markings were specific for a reason, perhaps Apache for proper placement? Yeah, but how many branches of the military does the US have but it's of one governmental rule. Even the Heaven's, this beyond massive assignment that varies endlessly but it has one goal men's souls. I yet believe they represent our comfort zone without end, where there isn't none their faith/fate being in men, yeah, none of which Medicine can profit us anything that isn't rooted and grounded in Jesus. In other words my brother's," the first to come into a stand, expected to be jealous of cousin Beowulf for getting this credit, even inducted so soon into the Juttah Tribe but not having that unholy spirit. "I would like to extend Preece Beowulf this welcome, all in agreement say I! Come what may, even the Apostle John would say," with all happily resounding agreeing I's throughout the council. "For as long as we have Jesus, yes, even so come Lord Jesus, is what the Apostle of Revelation said, even after he'd seen beyond glorious to horrifying events. Please, I must ask, and thank you I'm floored by this welcome, ah does this dream have anything to do with Maaseiah's census taking and persons like in this dream being marked this or that? Wow Beo man you are paying attention, but the people weren't marked the planes were, yes Sabertooth they were, according to statue, gender and ethnicity, three to a roll, and militarily or peacefully the planes marked them as troops.

...Thy Two Breasts Are Like Two Young Roes That Are Twins, Which Feed Among The Lilies...
                                                                  Scene II

-"Good revelations today, thanks," as one opening his book, readying to read, the library was busy, but pleasantly quiet, "thanks also Medicine for your vote, I guess this mean I'll be marrying sooner. Anyone in particular? There's one, it's funny, I, well I never Medicine pictured us talking girls. Gabrielle Notson, I haven't asked her, but I'm pretty certain, yeah Beo man that's what we all think, so what was her name? Penelope Crossing, said if I could tone down things on Jesus we could possibly make a fine couple, haven't seen her since. Ah, what is it about Him, you mean Beo man you still don't know? He commands righteousness when, where others don't, not even close. Look, I been meaning to ask, when Maaseiah says she's finding quarters again, yeah I know, in the oddest of places. Well to anyone else Beowulf that would be counted as coincidence, but with everything they've now showed her all these years. Even like a scene out of the transfiguration on the mountain, Maaseiah has stood with the incalculable numbers of Heavens' Host seeing to Jesus' return, the top of Mount Olive. Now you're finding quarters in the oddest of places, right as the Intrepid Dream finale, you see to Maaseiah it's proof at how desperate for earth's audience ear, the forewarning of approaching dangers threatening millions, yeah 50 million to be exact, 2002, and now in 2017, only a few weeks past, right? Right." Oddly suspecting him, that he was made so aware, that he was really keeping up, paying attention. "You have to remember doing the Intrepid dream Maaseiah did see a pale horse judgment, which according to John's Revelation will affect a quarter of the earth's inhabitants with death and Hell! Thus the urgency of finding, of being reminded plenty of times a day these odd quarters that such a time has come, and here lately, the dream, the word Dutchsinse, 02/27/17 which points right toward Volcano explosions, (see Italy, Mt, Etna, 03/01/17), whereas, covered by a benightedness still. Then while driving the same vehicle of the Syed Forook dream, she's turning off the very street, into the very intersection where this coming death rider, being released right out of the earth. Maaseiah now believe is a Yellowstone type eruption, even the fulfillment of the sixth seal was all made aware to her; just further being made aware of the vicinity of end time prophecy we're in. Look I figured, though the Archangel Michael commands an army they're non-military, so Eve's group being described as troops, doesn't Beowulf mean military. Perhaps how they're all solider out to their cause, leadership, all brilliantly standing at perfect battle array, as Eve Lynn witness them. That explanation Medicine would clarify the simple dress, even having moccasin on their feet, so the R could stand for redeemed, verses us, no, no Beo, that would mean, the R is for Restoration as of the same family, faith, faithfulness. Which would explain nothing being threatening about them, and Beowulf, the Holy Spirit's point of emphasis? Ah invasion, excuse me, invasion, but there's no, no Medicine not that kind of invasion, but the kind we've by Christ's assigned prayer been at times unknowingly calling down from heaven and this as Bronze said their arrival, God Kingdom Reign, so further explaining this is a spiritual takeover of a rebellious planet, an invasion as Sabertooth said, of peace on earth. Look, I had this dream last night, obviously cataclysms had happen, water was contaminated, all that, soon I found myself sitting in the middle of a highway, on the passenger said with no driver. Though Medicine man, not at all disrupting traffic because the mass majority of traffic was speeding in the opposite direction, and the car, when I decided I would just move over and drive. Well this car not wanting to start was ancient, like the 40's to the 50's era, soon arriving us, us? Yes, I had a passenger with me, a little girl by the name of Miya, we soon arrived this toll booth, was removed from the car, and had to pay like fifty cents, of which Medicine I was sure I didn't have. Like I was penniless, though I reached into my pockets, pull two quarters together, again this toll, and I woke up. The dream is basically explainable even Miya, meaning the Mayan timetable, all except the fifty cent toll, I mean those two quarters really stood out, just what is or would be 25% of the world's population any way, do we really Medicine want to know that? Ah according to the communicator some 185 million, so you're telling me according to both John's Revelations. Ah God's, they're God's revelation, whose reveal was loan to him and to all who would hear and receive. OK, so according to Revelations, and Maaseiah's prophecy 25% of the world's popu-lation, 185 million could die this year of 2017? I can Beo man only tell you as I described before, Maaseiah did see a pale horse judgment that's set to finale this October 2017. Plainly which would explain forewarning largely becoming so plenteous, desperate, right into an appearance of Gabriel, Himself. A God of long suffering wanting that none perish, even the promise that Holy Spirit will in the end times pour out of Himself upon all flesh, just as so, this desperate that all with ears to hear save themselves, get ye to Jesus! Maaseiah prophecy most recent, hearing it commanded that all parents die by a certain date, what about that? It's Beowulf about God being as angry today and beyond as He was in the days of Noah, possibly why Jesus made its comparison in the first, as He'd not seen God this angry since before He made the rainbow covenant with man. So all are to be covered like in Moses day by a particular Lamb's blood or perish, whose is the redeeming blood of the Christ of God, Jesus, now greatly forsaken. Ah my god, excuse me, I'm destine for the restroom, I think I'll call Gabby, just see how much does she loves Jesus. I'll be right here, what is that Medicine, ah Ezekiel, a commentary, out of the twenty-four elders Beowulf man, he was the one assigned to open three doors to her, to Maaseiah as she visited there, in here is the reason. Look, when the word says God changes not, nor does evil men, there is so much comparison between Israel then, and America, God's supposedly country, people right now. So much so, they like America thought God favored them so much, He would never like now, bring judgment upon them, they were wrong then they're so wrong right now. Be excused, when you return, how about dinner my house? I think I would love that, thinking of it, you can invite your girl, now that Bow would be special, thanks, ah I won't be long, that's ok Beo man, I'm in no hurry." Watching this tall, elegant gentlemen just as in disappeared from sight, Blonde, blue eyed, this cousin by marriage, always stuck out like a sore thumb whenever he was around them, now one of them and how special for them. >>>"She Beo man is exceptional," standing the patio, watching Gabrielle and Beth, Medicine's wife Sarah Elizabeth walk along their stunning garden of a fabulous duck pond, this crisp, starry night. "So how did you meet her? You remember that Paris nightclub shooting? Don't tell me, yeah, she was there, lost two of her girlfriends, ah god, so you, ah nall, nall, I was one of the reporters assigned to her. She said she wouldn't have normally been at such a place, but she was asked by a friend, friend, so one thing lead to another. Gabby is the one Medicine who lead me to my faith in Christ, she was already a believer. My god is Christ, I never would've, I know small world, universe, all, yeah I would still believe I could overcome a triple curse, the earth, the world and mankind without Christ as Lord if it wasn't for her. Which reminds me Beo man what about Hill (Achilles) and Dek, (Decimas) them? Funny you ask, they just named me 'can't get right.' for ministering Christ, said my sudden faith is because Pierce and Tomas let me go, that even Gabby is feeling sorry for me as so, so you didn't tell them you resign? They're the smart ones, the geniuses in the family, I want them to think, believe what they want. You know I had the hardest time convincing her Maaseiah isn't male," seeing Medicine Bow isn't to take his eyes off. Possibly Gabrielle's smooth Caramel skin, peachy, edible lips, succulent, silky scent, flowing golden brown hair, eyes, just so tempting. "She even said Maaseiah is the name of a wayward priest in the days of the early prophets, well Beo man, when it come to Maaseiah, we're reminded what isn't possible with man is beyond possible with God. Like her last pulpit message, she's been in the throne of God, been hand off to the prophet Ezekiel, before these men were now telling her, she being a woman, wasn't allowed in their pulpit. Ah my god, that happen to her? Worse, and every time she endured their mockery, their rejection, Holy Spirits just keep making her more and more phenomenally beyond all of them! I thought the same, each time Medicine I met each of your wives, how astonishing, ah, yes, there isn't a day Beo man, that passes I don't thank the heaven lies for Sarah Elizabeth, I'm just wrapping my mine around what your Gabby has already suffered you know, yeah she says it has given her a new prospective, like all trials if one doesn't faint at them. Hey you two, it's getting kinda cool," calling out to them, just as he readied to answer his Communicator, seeing it was brother Sioux Noel, "we're coming, you girls go ahead, girls huh? Like guys are invincible, {Medicine here, hey it's time, Eve Lynn is in labor, having complications, something about him being breached, so we're meeting in the chapel, get here, I'm there, hey be, drive safe, ok, ok!"

                        ...Until The Day Break And The Shadows Flee Away...

                                                          Scene III

     -"Whenever Father she would worry, she always said that she possibly wasn't to marry, you know," sitting with arms fold this now vacant chapel, talking to God, awaiting good news of his wife, his new son. "You know with the ovarian problem, that equally she wasn't to have children, that these complications was possibly this, this punishment. No, I said, no way you Heavenly Father would give us this miracle and take it away, this waste. Yeah," talking back to hearing the door crack, the now abandoned chapel, wife Eve Lynn was in surgery, really serious, "sorry Sioux but Eve's parents are here, want to see you, why didn't they just come? Unbelievers, ah, I forgot, too proud to ask God to save their daughter, their grandson, I'm coming. "Stop it, you're embarrassing me," with a funning Beowulf biting her ear, neck really tickling her along erotic swarms, exciting them both, even in front of company, the waiting room. "Embarrassing you Gabby girl or tickling you, where does it tickle her, Beowulf Michael Angelo, I'm serious, you know where and you know we can't do nothing about it, now stop being so bad, You know what? You just remind me, the whole tribe is here, just glance round slightly. I think I kinda know that," lessening her gaze this cautious at them along this gnashing of her teeth at him, this grin,, thinking how he was really being his silliest, kind of not so much like him. "Then let's do it, do what? You're being kidda ridiculous, quit it, lets have the tribe overseer us taking the Juttah Vows, now how ridiculous does that sound? You're serious, right here? Not so much Gabby right here, there is the Chapel, we could all gather there, and they can all witness us vow ourselves to God, to the Genesis marriage and to the Juttah, I'll be right back, Beo, Beowulf, my god is Christ, you two are so precious together, I was thinking the same, the Juttah tribes with their wives, ah families, what's his name?" As one adoring a stunning Indian baby as to bounce on her knee, all while a husband slept her shoulder, "this grumpy ole man here, he's teething, we call him Rod, as in Lighting Rod, Shooting Star, wow, you think he'll let me hold him? Ah, I guess you can try, he's your first, only, our first, and I'm expecting, hopefully a girl, you gonna like it, being a Juttah Bride, wife, mother, I kinda over heard you guys, there's is nothing on this planet like it. Well hey there little man, you is just so handsome, like your dad huh, and your stunning mom? You know what Lightening Rod, I can't wait to stand, look out of that window into a sunny, bright afternoon, please come with me, I'll bring him right back, look, as long as he's quiet, so Beth was right huh? Yeah," as one relaxing the wife's feel good, smell good shoulder, flowing hair, had Lion Wolf made, as so others of the tribe made themselves comfortable, "She's pretty magnanimous, yes the very trait darling, Mrs. Deburk of a Juttah Wife, and is that Mr, darling husband a compliment? Most certainly it is, most certainly. >>>"Breached, they showed us the mammogram footage, to explain the breach that complicated several of Eve's major organs, making the surgery all the more this risk taking. Risk taking more to her, or the unborn? You're fighting for your son, and I'm fighting for my daughter certainly you miss understand me, even us sir, we're praying God's mercy on them both. Praying, and what good is that? Well according to God's word it profits the righteous much, I must be excused to the Chapel, to a Juttah vow of marriage taking, I will get back to you as soon as is possible. But as far as your daughter, your grand they're in the greatest of hands, he is the one allowing this miracle from the beginning, remember." >>>"I Beowulf Michael, I Gabrielle Nicole,, I am not a child, a child, I am a man, a woman, I fully, I fully understand the vows I will make here, I Beowulf Michael, I Gabrielle Nicole do take thee Beowulf Michale, do take thee Gabrielle Nicole to be my Juttah bride, my Juttah husband, for better and for worse, in sickness and in health, for richer and poorer, until death, until death carry us, carry us into our eternity to come, you are this love, are this love, my one and only love Beowulf Michael, and only Gabrielle Nicole, now you two, Preece and Preecest, what Juttah covenants have brought together, let no man, even an angel from heaven put asunder, congratulations, you may marry your bride, ah husband, hey, hey, Doctor Matletter, is paging you," that even while there was loud clapping, and jeering on Juttah's newest couple, brother Apache Arrow was delivering perhaps good news. "How is she? Doc. won't say, not even to Eve's parents, said he must talk to you first, I can only tell you he was in good spirits, good spirits Apache, I'll take it, I'll take it! I can't believe it, Siamese twins, join at the hand, not a single birth, why he couldn't be easily delivered, well they. I knew it, I told Eve our Father Apache, while I asked him, why would he give us a miracle and them take it back? And now Sioux that miracle is double, and the scarring on the hand where they were separated, once healed, nothing a birth mark. So what's his name? Canyon Creek and Creek Canyon, I suggested that, Eve said no, that he need his own name, what about Tristan Allen, your alias? And that Sioux just popped into your head like that, yes, you know I've always liked it, then it's perfect, welcome to the Deburk family," both of them asleep, these tiniest cribs, this full nursery marked by heads full of back hair, red skin and little bandaged hands, a wipe at the slightest leak his cheek, nose, was Sioux Noel Deburk, above all, this father.

THE UNENDING LOVE ANTEDOTE ...The African Juttah 1986-2016/17The African Juttah Infinite Genealogy

Unto Meshullam Kadesh Kroff and Felicity Stuart Benz was born their first son Lebonon Kadesh Kroff, a daughter, Robin Dayus Kroff and a son Cullum Jakai Benz.
Unto Amir Adam Coogan and Myra Castle Lots was born their first son Coltan Tatum Coogan, a daughter Heiress Maximillion Coogan and a son Bryson Deshaun Lot.
Unto Agurus Shiban Coogan and Bethel Angelica Clooney was born a daughter Zariah Simone, a daughter Kamoria Leshsy Coogan, Jacquis Mkai Clooney.

                       ...Thou Art Fair, My Love; There Is No Spot In Thee...
                                          Scene IV

-"An invasion of peace on earth, that's what he called it? Yes Gabby and I could have I kissed him, I was so blessed by that description, for over two thousand years since Christ's Cross we've been expecting this. " Having spent a second day mostly entangled into one another, now this married couple, this erotic cleavage of steeping, blood, flesh and entanglement, did they both understand more than ever, why one of the first covenant expected of man, was one of marriage to his other whole. Husband and wife until death, into Christ's Marriage supper do them part, "that is a wonderful thought, I mean Gabby, we think of Christ's placement on earth as Lord King, but little do we see the righteous bride now in the persons of millions own placement. I am starving and it's your time," if this body was immortal I could hold you, entangled into you like this forever and never, ever complain. So is that stunning husband the answer to my question? Well we'll never rise from this marriage bed, ever again? Ahhhh, no, only to eat, drink and relieve ourselves, that's all, and our jobs? Ah that, yeah that, I never could've imagined it could be so incredible, I think Beowulf we did at least imagine, it's just that it's beyond even that. He never ceases to amaze us right? Just as has always been said about Him, about our heavenly father, and we now his heir, I will never let you go," yarning his way into an additoinal fit to them both, now this phenomenally entangled Juttah couple so deliciously fitting through and through, "you better not, is all I'm to say, yeah Gabby, right into this invasion of peace on earth." >>>"What Tiffany, (Maaseiah Adonai), does seeing the bride reign in heaven, in possession of this specialty stone, what does all that mean? Well Nicholas babe," both having relaxed this hammot right out their bedroom, her nose, soothing warm breath, his just as medicating neck, all under this starry, half moon of a sky, so crystal without end. Having like John seen it all roll back like a scroll Maaseiah imagine nothing would be left but immense blackness beyond frighting, sorta like a twilight that never goes away, but at evening, after Magog is defeated of Christ's reappearing at that evening, as Elohim Nicholas spoke in the beginning, there shall be light." The dream regarding the specialty stone was first given to this world's King of Kings, Babylonian powerful leader, Nebuchadnezzar and it terrified him. How like Trump, all world leaders before him, all those predestined like now along these urgent with fulfillment final days, it threaten everything. So what he saw and what's keeping a now President Trump await at night you could say was the nightmare of them all, a new factor of fear Holy Spirit called it. Without controversy man has a ruler, why Revelation protray them running to hills, mountains, barrowing under, getting to far away nations. Whereas Ezekiel's 5 explains why I witnessed a grim reaper attacking them regardless, they will all beyond painstaking regret know that He alone is God, Psalm 2, Rev. 17, this warning and one day all knees, including Nebuchadnezzar's Babylon/Mystery America will all heaven or hell bow to Him. So Tiffany, why not do it now, right? Where the second death hath no power, why do you know all of this? Simply Nicholas because the Earth's inhabitants need me to, they have a God so merciful even at their unrepentance He will not even leave them ignorant. Jesus told the Religious leaders how in there days God's temple would be rebuild, then he told governor Pilate He'd come to give testimony to the truth, how man is from the beginning, even the womb doomed, Remember from whence thou art fallen He explained to the Churches of Asia Minor, return and repent, my shed blood, death and dying will miraculously lead this way. Sad, what? Pretty much the church world like the Religious leaders back then, having forsaken God, they're more this ruin than this help, this divine restoration. Look your question, just imagine how shocked the disciples, coming, getting after Jesus when he instead told them He'd called them? Why? To be the first of many lifting him up this bloody cross of Resurrection, Restoration and Glorification. The stone Nicholas, cut out without hands, having the surface of a meteor for its to instantly cripple all rebellion, It's Jesus' Millennium and even presently the world nations are furious over this reveal. It's very fulfillment that the Angel Gabriel did mention is caused for the greatest celebrations in heaven, celebrations Nicholas no longer stalled at God's horror over this human lost, as Jesus explained to disciples these are all things that must happen God Kingdom reign with those made Righteous by Christ's Blood. No, you don't have to worry about that, what? Raising into a seat, his glance focust on one giant star, sorta like crystal more curious than all the others, "you reading my mind now? Sometimes, like now, the last you thought me this threaten, did I tell you? Suddenly Nicholas and without warning, really this surreal, but Angels engulfed and enveloped me all around, throughout, as though to say to harm her you're first to cross our path, not that they can't but how they're with me through and through. Just look at this Tiffany, this sky is so remarkable, and you're telling me, I'm telling you wonderful husband wrapping me in his priceless arms, that heaven is a million times more far removed from this. So how do you Tiffany ever come back, I know, more times Nicholas than one can count? You just do, this long-suffering Father simply isn't through, and you find yourself doing what you have to, loving Him.

                      ..And To The Hill Of Frankincense...
 .                                         Scene V

-"What is going on? Y'all didn't tell me he was this bad, not trying to be arrogant but Sioux how bad would you be? He's been throwing a kicking and screaming tantrum for three days. He keep screaming, even cursing why would God save her from a terrorist attack, only to allow her to be taken in yet another? How certain are we, well Cheyenne she is missing, there are witnesses who saw her enter the market, even that she was there picking up a fish order for the grandmother. We're yet waiting for confirmation, ah, DNA testing is all they have the bodies, ok, OK, their was also mentioned to him, what? Ah His Gabrielle may have been with child, my Christ it's just keeps getting worse. Yeah ah, Medicine literally had to pry him from the scene, it was beyond awful, you all know what need to happen, yeah, the same as with Bronze Coten, he say his brothers are coming for him, his brothers don't respect him, call him can't get right for serving Jesus. Perhaps that's what he thinks he want, an atmosphere at far from God as possible, I don't Sioux you just come so close and a while you knew what this kinda lost was like. I'll go in there, try, see if I convince him into the Juttah instead of those nod head brothers. I'm thinking, maybe I'll Maaseiah, for months she lived with this harsh reality, plus Beo has plenty respect for her, look let me know as soon as she's identified. Well here goes, I know I'm probably the last person you to see, either of us, that you're tired of hearing how sorry we are. You're the one with the closest cause right? Well actually Bronze, Coten lost his first wife, child to child birth, I didn't know that, most don't, for a while it was like elot him as well, soon he was recruited into the Juttah, to be honest it saved both his soul and his life. I just keep thinking, I know, what if she's not dead, I don't know cousin Sioux whatt frightens me more, losing her, or there being unable to confirm it, the unknowing iuld be detrimental, don't you think? You know him Sioux more than any of us, what is this, what is he trying to tell me, even us. Do you really want me to answer that? More cousin than you can ever know, that if Beowulf the righteous are barely spared, where shall the ungodly, and the unrighteous appear, ours is Resurrection into ascension, Jesus' Heir, their is to be worse than for Sodom and Gomorrah right? Will you Beowulf go with your brothers? What do you think is best? I feel so guilty planning an alternate life not even knowing, you know, it's not that, ours is trials and tribulations Beowulf, and especially the America Dream is to disguise us this truth, what would make Gabrielle so proud of you? She is the one Beowulf leading you to your faith, imagine what she would say to you, just as she ascend to mansions in heaven? I feel better to wait until I know her actual fate, if that make sense, yes, you want to wait until it's final, undoubtedly, that make all the sense in the world, I want to invite you to come home with me, they, Eve and Canyon are just so special, do you really believe I will see her again? Yes, I really do, there is only one marriage in heaven, the wedding supper, but the kingdom age to New Age, we will again marry and replenish the earth, as of the Genesis, what, you look as though you have a question, no, nothing. it's nothing, ah, yes, I think I would like that, good you can stay as long as you like, I have this thing to do first, so I'll meet you there later, ok, ok. I'm sorry cousin Sioux there is this urgency inquiry tugging mightily at my heart, I just so uncertain of it's timing, ah, there is another, you probably remember, Charlotte, my high school sweet, I'll admit that as I took the Juttah vows, I couldn't get her out, how I didn't want to enter the Juttah without her. I do, I do Beowulf remember her, been meaning, it's them, I'm sorry, Charlotte and I have a son, Sebastian, he should be around one now, that Beowulf I didn't know, he is another reason I felt so guilty, you are certain, this is not a punishment for abandoning them? I am most certain, that Beowulf which weighs heavy on your heart is far from being abandoned. I'm going there, the diagnostic clinic, please don't try and stop me, I'll be there until they find her, I must know, I must have this closure and that Beowulf is understandable, we'll even join you, no, you get back home to your restored family, others are welcome to come as they feel, I will join you later, yes, I look forward, you're probably Beowulf not good to drive, oh, I am, thanks, yeah, be safe. >>>I see the death toll is climbing, yeah, I just keep that scripture in my head, men Sabertooth snared in a net when they lest suspect, I need volunteers, we heard, ah Medicine is already on the way and in a few hours Lion Wolf will relieve him, all of us are so scheduled, go, get home to new son as Beowulf want, did you all, about his son? We only Sioux knew like you, that there was a love of his life, Charlotte, that they somehow failed out, get on the communicator, reach out to her, bringing his son back into his life just maybe the imminent healing he need. I'm right on it, ah, what about them, Hill and Dek? Well Marked they're always welcomed here, so, lets do that, make them welcome, even bring them to the waiting area of the diagnostic center, perhaps this could be there wake-up call, I couldn't this soon tell Beowulf, and if you'd said this me I would killed the of you, but Elohim, God, always knows what He's doing, you, the ultimate of taking tragedy and turning it to Jubilee of mansions in heaven, good night, call me as soon as you all know, we will, tell our nephew, sweet sleep until the Jutah, ah, it's not officially announced, but Maasieah the wife, is carrying twins, what, what you mean it haven't been announced yet, meaning you have a feeling? Good night, really Sioux, you just gonna leave us, hanging like, ah I hate when he does that, wow, Maaseiah pregnant and Saber with twins, wow! >>"Hello Charlotte," suddenly thrust into a conversation not expecting her to answer so hastily, hello, I'm sorry this is Wounded Knee, ah Beowulf, yes, I remember, ah good, well how are, something urgent has happen, you mean to Beowulf? No, well not directly that is, he has indirectly suffered a tragedy, ah god how do I put this? Ah, you heard about the latest attack, Paris, the fish market? I have, I mean I keep myself abreast of such things did something happen to him there? Ah, well Beowulf lost his Juttah wife, wife, I didn't, ah just married a couple, ah few months now and he's really ah devastated, ah mention you and his now one year old son, ah eighteen months old. So you, ah Wounded Knee feel you have the right to interfere with his life like this, why? Because we love him, and we want what's best for him, and right now that's you and his son. You sure about that? Because the last I saw him, he and family considered the pregnancy a trap and wanted nothing else to do with me or it, the only reason he know his name is possibly because my mom insisted. Well sorry about all of that, I mean I love him too, so you will come? I can send the heir Juttah and have you here in no time, the Heir Juttah? It's a private, personalized Jet, well how much time do I have/? That's Charolette up to you, how much time do you need? So Beowulf Juttah wife is barely dead and buried and you think seeing me right now is somehow going to help, why is that? Because of things he made aware, recently, ok, ok, if you think it's to help, ah, I'll pack, and I can be at LAX in a couple of hours, ok, sound good, ah, by the way will Sebastian and I be safe? I mean I know it France, Paris and all that, as safe Charolette as you are right now, remember Holy Spirits are in control of that, not us, not man, right, right, ok. So I'll keep my hope at a minimum and I'll see you in a matter of hours, thanks, you're a sweet heart and I can't wait to meet my cousin, see you soon}}}. Wow look whose learning how to persuade people, I just hope Sioux is right, Charlotte was abandon because of her pregnancy, so I don't know Lion, I don't know, but she's coming any way? Yeah she love him, yeah I heard you explain that, you love me that way? I'm serious, I want an answer, go to the Juttah Lion and join your brothers, wow you do love me, any way Lion I promised her an Heir Juttah, so you get on it and work that out, I'm off to relieve Medicine, which mean you and Cassius, yes Lion, take her, even the kids, this will all make better since to her. Work this all out, talk to you later, ok, brother, ok, "I'm going to the Juttah," making said joy this musical interlude, quite cute, "I'm going to the Juttah, I'm going to the Juttah. {"Hello, Lion Wolf Deburk here, I need a transport, from California Lax to Paris, de Gaulle and it's ETA either or, this is urgent, a matter of life and death, yours if you don't hurry. Is that a threat? I don't work well Mr. Deburk with threats, no threat Fisherman, only facts," passenger? Mother and Child, whose? Juttah Tribe, Beowulf Angelo, name of passenger, Charlotte Morrison and Son Sebastian, ah give me five, so ETA Paris De. Gaulle, 5:10, PM. so pick up at LAX in one hour, and can you Mr. Fisherman alter this ETA? I can't, even won't, see you at CDG air then, and all I got to say Me sure Deburk is sleep light and good day! So is that a threat?"}

                   ...Thy Lips Are Like A Thread Of Scarlet, And Thy Speech Is Comely...

                                        Scene VI

     -"Look at you, huh?" As one having come into the DNA screening, waiting area, having on his hip this stunning little boy, his,  Lion Wolf? A complimenting Beowulf assumed. "What a stunning little man, yeah," as to sit along side of him, this happy bouncing boy on his knee, such a precious things to see, to even feel, this sweet father and son, "What is his name, is he yours, his name is Sebastian, and Beowulf, He's yours," spinning this shocked curiosity, even obscurity all around, soon coming face to face with it's culprit quite stunning herself , did stinging, burning tears shape and form along his eyes, his askew cheeks, all as he welcome this impossible event into a long awaited welcome of a hug. My god, how is this possible, how, how? From God to the Juttah Tribe, ah, your mom used to send me pictures, and I would sit for hours just staring at them, always imagining picking up the phone, but I only imagined, well he should know you as well, I been showing him pictures, and videos, so he would know, but, as one uselessly wiping speedy tears from him, his being this dramatically overwhelmed, "be honest Beowulf, really, really honest, do you at all mine us being here right now. Mind, ah my god mine? Your being here, his, being, is nothing short of a miracle, surely I don't deserve this," horridly pouring this lovely little boy back into her arms at excusing himself, a cry along the restroom, a hideaway into the stalls, thinking, asking, how could this at all be happening, O for the love of God, how? If you want me to apologize I will, how, how is this possible? We only Beowulf told her it's was for the love of you, she admitted she loved you too. I always thought she was a black beauty, like the most stunning creature ever, I felled in love with her, at first sight. That blackness Lion Wolf was the problem my family had with her, there was a problem with Gabrielle as well, being mostly Latino but not as much. I've done her so wrong," at a splash of water to his face, his image in the mirror, of how a pitiful father, even man he'd been, running from that inescapable. "That Beowulf, as one handing him towels for wiping, of what was clearly to him this miracle from heaven, now questioned. "Is what apologies and forgiveness is for, just look, she has brought you, your son, few questions asked, just when you Beowulf is in most need of him. The report you guys is back, as a tried one coming in to alert them, Medicine Bow though relieved for home yet stuck around this moral support. "We're coming, thanks, I'll be right back,” seeing how Gabrielle parents were being informed with little alarm was there yet this wait? “I told you he know you,” having Sebastian reach out to him, filling a questionable Beowulf with a nuisance he felt unworthy of not knowing Gabrielle's fate, and how horrid. "Well son it is final, there is the proof," now seen as one with a child laying his shoulder, though did the Notson's not think anything of it, with tears spinning right along him wiping them into his shoulder. "So they are much certain, to be, ah, you're to tell of the pregnancy, ah the market is to be a male visited place, it is to help with the evidence there, our daughter is with Christ the Lord, is there no doubt son Beowulf we see her again? Yes, yes, yea sir, madam, so who is this stunning one on the shoulder? Ah, he is my son, Sebastian, ah, so good, you are not alone, not alone, very good, so we have like Memorials, you can come yes? Even bring the son, he is a grand boy, this,” as to way a resign Charlotte this way, surely wanting to keep the most distance, but anything for him. “Hello,” I am, this is Charlotte, Sebastian's mother, it is good to meet such a one, so beautiful as so the son,” gladly,, even anxiously welcoming her hand truly shocked along thinking she'd never meet none like them, none. "So Beowulf son when all is said is done, the invitations, ah my condolences, thank you sweetheart, we see you both then, even celebrate her arrival as heir, God's throne, yes madam we surely will, thank you both so much, without her, I would've never know him as I do. Great blessings to you Beowulf, many, many more. I'm sorry for your lost, should I take him? No, please don't, I've missed holding him for so long, just a little while longer, sit we me here, sure, yes, ah, they were incredible," As to come into a seat to her, were more of the tribe arriving responding sorrowfully to the breaking news, “they took it so well, so that was real, really? Yea, Gabrielle's parents are Christ persuaded, ascension is the miracle at the end of the straight path, gate which lead only to Him, to Jesus, that few Charlotte is said to discover, bedazzled along clever distraction by the Broadway, it's Hollywood. Ok, who are you and what have you done with my Beowulf Michael Angelo? I haven't Charlotte, well we hadn't told anyone, but in only a month from now, especially upon her announcements of pregnancy we'd decided to enter the Juttah. I admit, though I rejoiced, I was also heart broken, heart broken? For you and Sebastian, that I didn't have you two with me, I even asked Sia Sioux Noel is this then my fault? Quoting him, he said no, that death and dying is a curse we're all born to, herein those setting the bomb are responsible, they've committed the heinous sin of murder, they're to repent or perish forever! Excuse me Beowulf, hello," this stunning young man as to hand his hand, did Charloette feel as though she was in a twilight zone quite pleasant. "I'm Medicine Bow, ah, we are all headed to the Paris globe, to get a better perspective on things and what should be our next move, we would Beowulf  love your enlighten input, I'm honored, and will join you, ok, meet you two in the garage.  Can I Charlotte admit I feel tremendously guilty still, I know, being here doing her tragedy, so do I, but if she, if Gabeielle is now this free, ascending spirit how does she feel about all of us? Perhaps Angel she only wish we as well make it through to heirship, that was a bit comforting, hearing you call me that again, good, that is the only reason Beowulf we're come, to comfort you. we love you, and you being here Charlotte is all the proof I need."   

        ...Thy Temples Are Like A Piece Of A Pomegranate Within Thy Locks....


     -Achilles? What on earth! Responding descently to the  last thing, person he expected to see, let alone greet. "Nall, nall, how? Ah I'm told for the love of your brother, this, this is him? Your nephew, yes, he's so golden, uh  brown, my mom call him golden. He look just like you Beo man when you wore your hair all scurried about, hey Dek man, Remember when Beo head look like this? Yeah I kinda do," as a solemn one comig up this conference room, into them, this rare possiblity, that Charlotte and son was there. "So what's his name? Sebastian, ah, that's sophisticated, yeah well my seven year old brother named him, one of the favorite names, in his class. Ren, ren? Showing mouth gapping awe, finally, figuring this tall, stunning fellow out, now also come to them. It's just Reynolds now, my Christ," that at a welcoming hand shake, along a hug of his neck truly blessed over and through, it was a day of such surprises. "How old are you now? Seventeen, and Beo man going on a hundred let auntie tell it, how, no way it's been that long, it would see so. So you guys, what's it's to be for lunch? Pizza, Chinese, Mexican, or we all get out and fill up a restaurant, all we can eat? I vote for getting out, I don't know, we're being this target, and that Saber make today different, how? Let's send a vote out, every choice a check by your favorite and go from there. Can you Beo man keep a secret? I'm not just visiting, I wanna stay here with you, stay with me, that doesn't make sense, please act as my guardian, even the Juttah. I'm trying to break free of this horror, my head, thoughts, even my heart, this guilt trip. Don't be deceived, you Beowulf serve a forgiving God, lay before his throne. There ask that any offense, including Gabriele made against him be forgiven, and there leave said guilt resolved by Christ's blood. Ok, and you Reyolds wanna leave home why? You know why, they've been raised in church, and are no more in Christ than Satan himself, this includes mother, I mean isn't Religion trying to get to God without Christ, the only way, truth, and life anything else is just ridiculous. To be honest cousin I'm tired of all the bias, even the hypocrisy,so it's here with you or I take to the street. Either way Beo man, I'm leaving, I won't take it any more. Ok, oK, that sound serious, that sound serious, really look at you, you got out, now you're one of them. I can see you seeing it that way, thinking it, but being Juttah doesn't solve all problems. I know, its like being Christ, it's solve those problems most important, treasures now in heaven. So, ok, you got me, I'll call your mother, does she know you're here? She know I'm with Achilles and Decimas, that we're after you and she trust that, wow, exactly. Hey, we never met," such a brilliant at first sight young man, literally magical. Hello, I am Char, short for Charlotte, it's nice meeting you as well, and this beautiful little boy my newest cousin? Correct as well, wow such a blessing.    <<<"Eggs Tiffany and buckets of blood, need I ask? All I can tell you is the last I had just the simpliest dream about seeing a single egg being tossed into the trash, it was Nicholas just before the largest recall on egg production in US history. Though this wasn't just about an egg, but a bucket of blood, probably meaning a deadly or the deadliest of outbreaks regarding possibly the consumption of poultry, possibly Nicholas a bird flu, or something similar. Years back I had this dream where I was made to see under a microscope like this purposeful designed virus/Beo-weapon. Clearlycombining something old with something new, it took the shape of a backward letter C . Frightfully so does the Flu virus, where l also witness ailing people to demonstrate, shape their hand into a backward letter C. Just a few nights ago, you Nicholas know the importance of finding quarters, pointing to the pale horse pandemic that's said to affect a quarter of the earth I witnessed come out of prediction 2001-2017.  The dream the other night, involved seeing a quarter laying the floor in front of double doors, you have another dream of a quarter falling to the floor, said both the one loosing it and the one finding it, actually influenced a brawl. Right along seeking your intervention, yes, where I verified how the lost quarter was now rightly in possession of the begger. I believe one is about a shortage, the other an outbreak, as one is to give place to the other. I have something to tell you, OK, as one funly suspehad urcting her, even that she had the secret of a lifetime. "Ah," clasping his hands into those stunning golden brown eyes, wondrous smile, had the flight been more tolerable than expected. "I, well, we'll pregnant, pregnant! That it was almost laughable, and all so miraculous, they being only months  out of a death bed. You are certain? I am positive, my, no Tiffany, our God is Christ, all the time Nicholas Edin, all the time. Oh my God, whose gonna tell the kids? I'm more concerned about Ronda, Sissy and Erica, they'll going to think us crazy, they'll going to think us well, bless. Not to darling discount this extraordinary news, the backward letter C, what could that mean? It's a sign,

                ...Thy Neck Is Like The Tower Of David Build For An Armory


    {"Several people have been injured in a shooting a school in Grasse, southern France.
Police have arrested one person on the scene at the Lycee Alexis de Tocqueville, where the headmaster was among those shot."}

     "Look at me, seen as one mesmerized into the screen regarding the localized breaking news, just an unnumbered of another school shooting, "hey, hey look at me, that's not him, he's not a part of that? No it's a reminder Charlotte of the danger here, and I just can't believe he just run off like, home must be so miserable for him. Another school shooting, yeah did you see how well armed he was, what kind of home is this? So was the young man America' worse school shooting, and more, whose mother, whom he first shot to death, was an educator. I keep thinking they had to know how much trouble they were in when schools start running shooting drills; with some of the most influential religious, dire I say spiritual, leaders agreeing teachers should be equally armed, and I'm like yeh, put even more guns in reach of distraught kids, and now even more diabolical  transgender restroom for kids, this all the more Char giving into abominations I feel encouraging Maaseiah most recent forewarning threat how all parents are to be killed by a nearing certain date, and that doesn't Angel frighten you, you, uh we're parents, no, sad out break out of mortuary, like in the days of Moses, wouldn't affect those covered in the Lamb's blood of Life, meaning the great gathering would be a phenomena expulsion. "I mean really, is there no God of Jesus Christ in the land of Western Civilization or are they Charlotte all gone after Antichrist? Jesus said when you see the abomination that maketh desolate, and believe me Maaseiah witnessing a great beast tearing and chomping all through their pulpits and pews is said displacing abomination. I can't help but see Maaseiah''s recent warning about the end of all schools as the additional sign regarding this inconceivable fall. Wouldn't targeting their ability to contribute to these evils educationally Angel go with ending Western Civilization, that's all their influential religion, politics, educational to monetary systems, it's mountainous technology and innovation all over. stomped out instantly?" That she's to prepare the babe for a bath, was Beowulf yet to believe that easily miraculous, his family with him, surely it was all a deeply hearten prayer granted. "It is as the world is gone this twilight, actually twilight Char would be good, it is black as night, even the heart, why Holy Spirits and Jesus mostly speak to them now in allegories to parables, just these added curses of them refusing to see, hear and accept divine truth. So just what did  Reynolds mom, uh parents say to him? Reynolds said Auntie said no before he could get it out, that she couldn't believe he asked and blame me and the tribe for speaking through him. This latest shooting must make her feel verified, ah justified, huh? I'll ask her, this is her calling, {"Beowulf here, I have one question where is my son, where is Reynolds? Please Auntie calm down, calm down, my son is wondering the chaotic streets of Paris and you, and he live in America, there is no more of a dangerous place to raise a child, especially a teen, it's why Holy Spirits right now are threatening to end it all. All, as in all of America, and you have my son entangled into this madness, I'll be a madman for Christ as it's more liberating auntie than anything you deem sanity. Just so you know Reynolds came here to disappear, to never return to what he described as a home filled with church people bias against godliness, who're Antichrist. I'm calling the authorities, he's seventeen auntie Chris, no court order will side against him, and I tell you this the Juttah is the best thing to happen to mankind since Christ Himself and Reynolds carry himself as a Juttah Tribe, I'm calling the authorities see what rights I do have, you are of your father auntie Chris, do as he will you to, what is,"} ending the transmission along peering right into Charlotte's soothing gaze, dressing his perfect son already this nuisance making his day. "Like I say, where is your da,da, Beowulf Michael Angelo and what has the Juttah Tribe done with him? "They have son, may I help please help with him?" Wanting, even needing to take over his dress, to be a close, loving assistant, "he son, your da,da as your gorgeous mamma say was won over to Christ's blood and all He can say golden boy is it's your and your mother's turn."  What is this?" Something I got you the last time I was in town, don't ask just open it, you and I married, we got birth to a son, he is the proof we carry around, now I want to make this oath, this covenant with Elohim, I Char, well we need his approval so we, so said marriage will continue to please him." I did what Reynolds said, I apologized for misleading Gabrielle already having a wife, making Juttah vows to another wasn't at all authentic and that Char was the weight of guilt I was suffering, I promise to be a husband to you until life in spirit arrive us to Christ, when you feel the same way, sparking along her already tearing to spilling eyes, this stunning, stunning jewel, so perfectly designed, seemingly just for her, only for her, and when you my only love feel the same, just come right out and say it, I can't wait to be marry to you again, I wait to name our first daughter Gabrielle. I am hungry, now playing with his golden hair hair little boy, off toward the kitchen, what it now Charlotte wondering what was she'd done to be this blessed beyond anything imagined, indeed she had't done anything, it would seem for two thousand years of outreaching the Cross, Jesus paid it all.   "After I saw the shooting," opening the door of this dramatic knocking, hoping, even praying Reynolds Masin had made make this way, "yes, it did Reynolds raise even more concern, get in here is all I can say, and secondly, call your mother, she's possibly on the communicator with authorities right now! Thank you Beowulf, thank you Reynolds for showing your maturity and getting back here just at the nick of time, hello, hello to you, glad you;re safe, yeah, me too, so where did you go, believe me I had plenty of offers, but a Minister found me wondering, took me in, so I been with him all this time, call your mom, I am, will, right now! God bless you Jesus!"

                          ...Whereon There Hang A Thousand Bucklers...
                                                     Scene IX

     -You tell her, you tell Kars the news? To the point Nicholas one of your nearing sons have a name, ah name? Though I'm terrified, let's hear it, Brierley Channing, Brier for short, ok, ok, that's not so bad, I like Brier, good, so any ideas? You asking me, Tiffany, really, ah what an amazing spring day, the sun, wind, the birds chirping, and you Mrs. Coogan sitting this patio looking so stunning I think I'll just eat you up, ohhh no you don''t, so did you two figure it? How the kids just happened to escape into the African Juttah the Mayan Timetable, you have to remember Nicholas although they, well we knew nothing of this date spirits did, so as always it was predestined. It's incredible they been telling me the whole of Western Civilization, with preferably America', even the Obama administration this leader should've been evacuated by then. I ask Tiffany because I had this dream last night, in the dream an African male come into my tent, called me by name, woke me from sleep, brought me out and showed me all these, I know, American refugees, I had the same dream years back, it was so real, it was for me Tiffany as well. I was just sitting here imaging waking up in heaven and you're no longer a visitor, Jesus said I will make you a pillar in the temple of my God, that you go no more out, meaning Nicholas, you're a permanent heir. One day I fear and fantasize very amazingly soon. So what about Conner, I don't under, for a name, I kind of like that Honey, an intern at work is called Conner, though it's his last name, I like it, so you Tiffany do like a middle name, I can and I will, just like me get my thinking cap on."     >>>"Hello Mar, Ren, hey every body it's him, it's Ren, Ren, ah thank God, it's not Ren, Ren anymore mar, it's Reynolds, and you're thanking the right person. A truly sincere Priest found me and kept me safe til now, hey son, hey dad, hey everybody, sorry I worried you all. There's been another attack there, I know Mar, but I wasn't anywhere near it, look Beowulf is contemplating going into the Juttah, the safest place for the born again right now. Is that what you is, born again, just how Ren honey is that different from my going to church? You're a Churchian Mar, rooted and grounded in men rituals, I'm a Christian, rooted and grounded in nothing other than Christ Himself. I'm sorry to tell you but most mass assembly is a return to the beggarly elements we been set free from and warn to stay out of. It's  all Mar why here lately Maaseiah witness a beast tearing and chomping through the pulpits into the pews, leaving them vacant, like the end time great falling away. Ok, ok, but isn't the Juttah as they say, isn't that honey Africa? I'll never see you again, you could mother always come with me, ah no, I heard about that Hill, if you don't live perfect in Christ Jesus, I just don't know if I can do that? You can't Mar, none of us can, not until we surrender into being born again, allowing the holy spirit to shape and mold our spirit blood, heart and soul, even our mind into Christ. So that's what Beo mean, I'm sorry, he said you was already fit for some tribe, ah, this Juttah you mention. I'm tired of fighting you, will you please come home first, let us say our proper goodbye?  Yes, I could do that, as soon as I'm finish here, I'll plan a flight home and let you know my ETA, ok, ok, at least Ren that's something, don;t keep me waiting, though, I won't I should see you in a few days.}       >>> "Well he's closing local to world wide borders as desperate Americans are to be escaping into the proposed Col. Qaddafi's United States of Africa 2017-2024.  Once indicated by Maasseiah, an exodus by transforming ships, Arks these nearly thirty years, how intelligent can he be? The chant to make America great again in the midst of this slow motion exodus, that is such a slap in the face of every forewarning prophecy ever given to them. Especially here lately, the constant reminder that Trump's white house is nothing more or less than a staged by God's Grace temporal Truexit, escape! Escape! Escape! Though uncle Christian, how can they escape, when their president is cutting off the hands of world leaders, the bridges across, the cause of them being where they are today, this world greatest? Undoubtedly nephew Business man to President Trump think his wealth and fame just felled from the sky and is not a product of world commerce he's now telling to get lost, it's purely insane. Which is why Holy Spirit seeing this, warn of it 2004, how America, Britain were putting off their allegiance to manslaughter, this Brexit to recent Trump travel bans, apparently, totally forgetting it's allegiance also to blood guiltiness and now the reaping. So once poised slayers were to instead take hold of them, and as is described of the toes of King Nebuchadnezzar's image and scatter these greats instead into itty, bitty pieces. Even you guys as of Eze. 5 into Sia Maaseiah sword-like syringe of a grim reaper along chasing them to kill them into their stampeding to proposed safety zones, Ah, May, ah Maaseiah was so on target when she said, even warn how 2016 elections should be canceled and pound into repentant alters of Christ, while Obama's was nothing less than the staging of Antichrist, explaining why she witnessed the two beast rise, one from land, one from sea, assuredly as he did, run, run, run for your souls, the abomination that maketh desolate has arrived as foretold. That's of Sia Maaseiah seeing a great beast tearing through churches,through wall street, (world economies, commerce), through people's porches, mankind's unholy trinity of idolatry, now fasten upon of master disasters, earth, wind, fire, water. Even the planetary bodies, unstoppable, just plaguing them from death to insanity, surely if it was ever completely over, it is now. Ok, ok, I dare father ask, sia Maaseiah vision lately, eggs and buckets of blood? Just son Spirit another reminder of the horrid times approaching that while they're American Dreaming an estimated tens of millions US soil are poised to die in only months. Just as seemingly while they play shopabyebaby along sorely failed malls and brawling transgender restrooms, catastrophes one after another are all the better to engulf them. So the bucket of blood, the woman bearing black bowls, the 99 bowls of molten lava, even that all parents are to die by a certain date as of Oct. 2017. All that is inconceivable are all pointing to the worse times ever on this earth, even since Noah's day, and why Jesus threaten the whoring rebellious to be cast into it all, except they repent, even their children are assigned to grim reapers. Now believe me you two, every steeping death toll into the thousands, to tens of thousands, to hundreds of thousands throughout these dispensations of men were all in preparation for these last days, hours and times right now. Lest you forget, all surrounding a loving God yes, but a God whose righteous judgment is faultless which is why all the world, surely, I can hear the Psalmist lamenting toward God, against thee, thee only, have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that thou mightiest be justified when thou speakest, and be clear when thou judges. Apparently since the fall of innocence, the garden of Eden men have been called upon these thousands of years to get ye to Elohim God, Though your sins are scarlet they shall be white as snow, (Jesus Christ), though they be crimson, they shall be as wool, (White as Wool, Jesus Christ),  Remember from whence you've fallen, (God's Glory), that is all of you, God's judgement to assigned slayers have no respect of persons with one exception, the blood of the Lamb, Jesus Christ, come out from among all evil and get ye to leaders telling you the same thing, of getting you to alters of Jesus the Christ,   "Well here goes," hearing loud laughing even as he approached the conference room double doors, said doors now reminding him of the dream lately of seeing two quarters laying on the floor before closed double doors, coming in slowly not wanting to disturbed them, who rained on your parade? Ah, it's Reynolds, his plane was hijacked, they're holding him and 150 others hostage, what? Hurriedly cutting on breaking news that instantly confirmed what a frostbitten at the heart Sioux Noel was telling them, some are injured, yes, don't know how many, some critical, even dead, ah god this is crazy? When did our world come to this, for generations now, it's just goes unnoticeable until like now Beo man, it comes home, he was really concern about traveling, like he knew you know? Lets pray and get on the communicator after all of our contacts, do we know what they're demanding? Yeah, they want Trump, they want him gone, impeach, no longer the American President, so everybody on that plane are as good as dead, what bout Haifa, ah Israel, do they have locomotive there, as so did I have a dream about a house, that went crazy mad, tv's microwaves all tossed about. Why Haifa, why so specific? Because I seen it, I don't know Bronze you gonna have to research it, and everything tossed about like that, yeah, I just realized it could be an earthquake, something, great grandmar Clarice was there, great grandnar Clarice is dead, I know, but what was happening was happening all round her, with them both searching the communicator for updates, so much was happening and so fast, but it was now only months way from Maaseiah's climatic timetable. Now that's Bronze possibly location, ah mid to downtown Memphis, remember she always told us they had a tremble there when she was in her teens, so we talking the mid to late seventies. probably New Madrid, you think? It would Bronze go alone with Maaseiah's word of Duchsinse, the youtube guy, channel of virtually chasing earthquake to Volcano activity. I have an acquaintance there, where, Memphis, yeah, said she felt a tremble months back, that she was on paltalk at the time, said she rose to investigate, that's how concerning it was, that just as return to the communicator, another was reporting that they'd just had an earthquake, a tremble, only it was another country, even continent, it was Australia , get out of here no, so wondering whether or not a world earthquake is possible undoubtedly Lion Wolf man, just few out the window."     >>>"What the hell!" Throwing the covers off into a seat, into an odd, surreal response to breaking news, a France, ah New York flight, hijacked with visions of his little brother Reynolds being a victim this automatic brain freeze "Mar, sorry, what flight is Ren on? New York, out of London, ah no ah Paris, something, time Mar, time? Ah, ah 2:00 pm, ok, don't be alarmed just yet, but cut your set on to breaking news, I'm going to get on the communicator to him, ok Mar, well, what is, Mar, ok, ok, ok, I'll call back. What is happen? That was Jack, said we need to see breaking news, he was acting all weird, asking questions about Ren's flight, and that there Mar is why, ah my god!" Displaying mouth gaping awe into her nose, eyes tingling with tears, what were they seeing, hearing and was brother to son Reynolds a victim? My God is Ren in that? I don't know," scrabbling out of bed, getting to his own communicator, what the hell was happening, his youngest goes off to  Paris this visit and all hell breaks out. "You call him, I'll call the airport authorities, Cat, we must remain calm, okay, I love you, I will, I love you too. Hello, hello Mar, it's Ren's flight, ah god,  ah god, ah god, where's dad? I think we should just go there, what is happen, what are they demanding? They believe it's about all these travel bans, even that threat to build a wall of preventing illegals, even migrants, it's like we've robbed them of everything worth, even their blood and now told them to go to hell! I'm coming Mar, you and dad be ready, pray Mar and be ready. ok, son, ok."

                  ...All Shields Of Mighty Men...

                                       Scene X

 ..."Lion, look, glance this way," as one horrified by what he was seeing, not only did Haifa have a transit, it was the only one in the country, I'm sorry am I reading that correctly? You are, how in, ah, that's how, Holy Spirits,. I'm laying trying to get back asleep, when I began to sing the song, the lyrics, do the locomotion with me, and soon after that Holy Lords this witness, I received the word Haifa. Immediately I knew it was a place in Israel, didn't know of it's underground systems, that it even had one, nor that it's the only one in the country, I know, know Bronze, I witness you just as you researched it, this morning of March 24th, 2017, what perhaps 8:40 am? Maaseiah said she had a dream, she said in the dream it was as though she was underground, awaiting a rail, when all of a sudden all around her the train seemed to be scattered to pieces, again all around her, even like a bomb had went off, she said at this point she didn't know whether she was in her body, or out of her body, that as she begin to move off it was as though she was now a tourist along the streets of foreign soil, meeting and chanting with street vendors. That she eventually wondered into a conversation of persons fretting about being evacuated from some part of Israel, this trouble there, who were now celebrating at being allowed to re-enter, she said the dream was so fragmented she mostly kept it to herself. Sooo, do I tell someone? Who, where Lion, how? Hey, hey, tell them what? People don't listen to us remember? I have bad news, it's Reynolds flight, tell me he's yet defiant and missed the flight, I can't, his name is on the passenger list. Then tell me whose wounded, are they going to release them? Remember that odd word, song Maaseiah received in relation to that movie, little shop of horrors, and the lyrics to the song, asking this horrid question, she liken to a would be terrorist questioning whether he should go and perform mutilations? Everything brother you just told me, place on the communicator, let them figure what to do with it, maybe they shut the transit down into investigations, many time Maaseiah receive rhymes or songs relating to a nearing disaster, Haifa transit could be one of them, if so you save lives, if not, now harm done, right?" The sad truth is Bronze when someone want to harm civilians do yo can hinder them, you can't completely prevent them, though we try, right? It could as well Lion Wolf be an earthquake, an underground rail, it would as well suffer the sudden disruption that Maaseiah experienced,wow, I didn;t consider that, well you decide,ok, I will."      >>>He is but a boy, trying to get home to his family, if you don't help her he will die! How many count the boys, sons lost to build upon great Satan, his life is not a thing, in this likeness, if not Satan, then who is your God?   That you toss away that most precious to him, the human being, I pled your mercy, you still have me, others, don't let him die like this, you want compassion? Yes, mercy, you take this place? I shot you in place," placing the oddest tool, that's to act as a loaded weapon he'd ever seen, right into his panic heart beating, so you ready, I call for him, and you be killed, yes, I'm ready," getting on the communicator as promise, would he release the wounded passage and just as the deal was made, the loud screams ring out the large passage plane as the young, dark terrorist shot the good Samaritan, point, blank dead." How many more the hero, let see the hands, who is it the more to die for him?"     >>>"Well I am his mother, this is his father, and brother, I have a right to know of my son entrusted to you, to your flight plans and transportation, I have a right! Yes madam, that is not the argument here, we can't tell you no more than we know, authorities are calculating what's best for everyone, Mar, there's been another shooting, ah god no, that could, we'll pray as always he is kept safe, the prayers of the righteous, remember okay? Mar look, what? They're releasing a passenger, there madam, the first sign of surrender, it's him, Mar, it's him, it's my baby boy, how do you, I just know, lets get there, we can't, all flights are grounded. There maybe another way, what other way? I been listening to Ren, about the Juttah Tribe, and according to him, they have like these passenger jets, for emergencies, get us there in no time, ok, what are you waiting on? How do I reach, I know, I'll call the Paris Globe, and go from there, then go son, have at it, we'll be in the cafe for coffee, and more news, okay I'm on it!    

                                     ...Until The Day Break And The Shadows Flee Away...

                     Scene XI

    "We aren't only what we eat or drink, we're what we see, hear, speak, we're what we're made to feel, human beings are absorbent in every capacity. It's why the Apostle Paul reminded we have many instructors and because of modern technology even the sky isn't the limit, though only one Lod. How Jesus alone is to be our head, how we're to sacrifice ourselves, our bodies and mind to him. These blessed works of faith is what Holy Spirits mean about us pounding ourselves into the dust, as the soil is rehabilitating and transforming. It's Jesus way of explaining how to die away from Satan's purpose and resurrect this new creature to be as God's will. Additionally, it's the only way we're to present ourselves no longer as the dead, but heirs of the living, holy and acceptable unto God. Even having our minds renewed according to the grace of Christ, we're no longer sojourned earth's inhabitant but heaven's throne; having celebrated from the marriage supper into the sounding of the seventh angel, we too sit heir with Christ to the throne of Almighty God, truly blessed is he who cometh in the name of the Lord. And they just come out like that? As one whispering at his hear, Juttah wife, mother to be , Cameron, Cam, Cam couldn't believe she'd allowed husband to be Sia Preece Centri Israel to finally talk her into visiting one of the Juttah sessions. “I told you that, always the teaching of Jesus, it's what's for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner around here. Why Cam wate time with messages of the murdering, robber, whore, warn of God at mankind's first disobedience, and you Ctentri sound just like them, good, I been groomed, even in heaven to. Which remind me, I got something to tell you when this session is over, yes Mr. Bonae, I see that hand, you Sia say this is the lesson Jesus taught, yes, yes, he was, well is, the word is living and ever beneficial, Jesus, using a parable as He often did, men are cursed into delusions, consistently this veil, so how could putting the truth along mental images going to hurt anything? Jesus explained to the disciples His needful Crucifixion said, the seed, except it Preece Bonae goes into the earth and dies it cannot then reproduce a great harvest, so it would stand to reason that holy spirits when they suggested self be pound into the dust, this was as well an adaptation that unless self or the flesh is mortified along holy spirits it will never transform into the will of God, which is to live faithfully and teach transgressors His wWay of righteousness, which for these thousands of year Ctentri Israel, has been repentance toward the Cross of Jesus. Teacher, Ah Mr. Wounded knee, Sia, Tribe, teacher Miss Cloony, is fine, ah what do you mean when you say repent, ah to Christ Cross? From Christ's Cross, into the promise of the woman seed is how Elohim God, even as He promised the first woman, wife, and mother, Eve, it's the only way His People, that's all people, nations, kingdoms, tongues scattered by a curse of Babel all around this planet, having one cursed blood line and one blessed spirit of life immortal to which to turn, but only through Christ the son. You do know there are a lot of people who think that is unfair, that you teach mankind has only divine Heavenly Heir, Not so Miss Cloony, it's Cameron, ah Preecest Cameron, no, just Cameron, you get me entirely wrong, it's this, this book, this bible, it's written testaments from the Genesis to Revelation that which testifies of the woman seed, into the virgin child, into the crucified Lamb of God, and the resurrection of this world true sunlight, Jesus the Christ. We who're now made heir to to His, or Their Heavenly Throne, electing that earth the curse is no longer our home, we are believers. Belief Cameron as obedience is simply this choice that all of us can, I won't say must, you can't elect to be cursed, mankind, being Adam's bloodline is in and by the womb cursed, all have sin remember, that is simply blood/DNA fact? Though God became the blood sacrifice to cancel out said curse, you understand, Maaseiah like to say even the angels have a God who put on flesh and endured a cross for the man who once was lost, it's possibly what Paul mean when he descry, explaining the mystery of godliness, that he's seen of Angel. -And when you Miss Cameron see it that way, you begin to realize the scope of the chance Elohim God took, how the entirety of what mankind has imagined as heaven all these millennials was all laid on the line of god's only begotten to holy spirits now the garden of Gethsemane scrambling not to stumble for God so loved redeeming mankind. I as well need you to remember, Elohim being born of the woman seed again as promised made himself as vulnerable as all mankind, he couldn't defeat Lucifer nor out wit his armies that forfeit no other way. Just so you know Sia Masseiah has went as far as to say the original mutiny to wars in heaven could have stemmed from Elohim God's plan to create a more carnate creature as the human being before the foundation of the world, then for God himself, well the apostle Paul explained to his son in the fate, Timothy, how great is the mystery of godliness, you're assignment for this week, so I hope you been taking heart's note. So knowing this , you them comprehend, to remain in unbelief, according to this blessed scroll, even by Christ own teaching is to remain cursed, judged and cast off to, well you know the rest. Is that Sia Wound Knee why He, the Christ is described not only as made of the woman, ah, as in seed, but made under the late. You can Juttah Darius say just as the fullness of time come for God to move as to deliver a now these four hundred years sons of Jacob, now Israel out of Egypt, out from under it's captives now what, hundred of thousands of inheritances strong. The same is being performed by Christ's Cross to Him summoning the Brides their wedding supper up to He Himself, is also true right now about Western Civilization. The present day Babel we label as America, as this literally Free-world, of which Maaseiah witnessed responsible for death tolls reaching even shooting into the heavens this mountainous. This forever clocked evil which has been a world rule greatly visited of God's creation since the prophet Daniel lamented of a fourth beast, terrible, powerful and strong, and that it had great iron teeth, has had this captivity over the sons of Adam, scattered along many kingdoms, nations, tribes, tongue, whereby you hear God's throne lamenting as in the days of Moses, let my people! That great horde of all people John testifies of witnessing bound under this deceiving, conniving, abominable great whore sitting as master into horrid distractions. This greater of transgressor having seeked to destroyed from the earth their original potentate who along hath this reign until a thousand years are finished, then God's reigning Kingdom , explaining why presently, with a new Bride ascending into a New Jerusalem from above descending, all things earthly is to by fiery explosions of infernos replenished by fire, for which Sia, the Apostle Peter ask, knowing this, how all of it's rebellious inhabitants are set for the carnivorous stoves and flames of the damn, what manner of man ought you to be? Perfect Sia Darius, perfect, I pray, tell I've answered all questions into the next section, even if we're captured off to heaven by then. I have something I will share, I don't know if you all know it, but today, March 27, 2003, is the prophecy that went forth of Maaseiah, regarding an incalculable lost of life, just mind-blogging, with her being reminded of the time of it being prophesied to her 2002, and here as lately as a few months past, yes, yes, Beowulf, that some 50 million will die, proving a new presidency, Maaseih called into a repentant alter, haven't forestalled that predestined since the first ever prophecy given man, right? Right, well Beowulf we know there should be an outbreak of evacuations into an exodus of all westerners soil, but we're powerful to make such a call, I know we may as well be as chicken little horribly lamenting this panic the sky is falling, only followed by great mockery to near expulsion, actually expulsion, yes, yes, but Sia Deburk, we told whether they hear or whether they forbear they're to be warn or their blood is on our hands, washed off this blame or not. Then I will tell you as I told another lately of such fore-knowing, put it out there where all are to take note, and let them decide, right, by the communicator you're to alert millions even as you alert a single person ...I Tim. 3:16, now say it with me, and without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh, justified in the Spirit, seen of angels, preached unto the Gentiles, believed on in the world, received up into glory. Explaining why when Maaaseiah laid eyes and heart upon him, this demonstration of rapture, this same time 31 years into this very hour past, she recognized him not as Jesus but as God, as Abba Father, Himself, blessed be your death, day and eternity having Jesus alone, Preecest Cameron, as Christ.  >>  What is happen? A question responded upon by an outburst of cries and screams, into this mere glance all around, evidently what was happening now? Please someone, please tll me, tell, I am sorry Ren, what is the last thing you remember? With big Brother, Decker moving off from celebrating, did it seem as though all in th family was there, I remember regretfully boarding a plane, and just now, being caught into a Juttah sessions, so phenomena with revelations about the mystery of godliness, just so, so glorious, I even knew everyone of them. The plane was hijacked, what, what you, it was taken over Ren by terrorist, you was fatally shot because of it, was in a coma until just moments ago because of it. How long? How long was I, Ah, it's been like a week, a week? My, my god, and the terrorist, the other passengers? I can tell you but you not gonna like it, just tell me, just, ok, ok, the terrorist, they said all better to rise up to Allah, they killed themselves, ah my god, I told you, I know how you feel about that, ah, suicide, and the passengers? All fine Ren, save one, the one that gave his life that you may live. Excuse me, yeah, they say when he pleaded with them, after they shot you, the youngest there," as one feeling emotions, in his own voice, clearing, coughing it, tears away, “that you receive medical care, they challenged him to trade his life for yours. A stranger did this? Yes, said they said since you was mortally damaged, to replace you, he would have to be too, that they shot him point blank just a she agreed, ah god, god noooo, I wish he'd not done that, what are you, don't you see Decker, I die I go to Jesus, we don't know whether this man was Christ's or not, but what about his sacrifice? Only the sacrifice of Christ, now safeguarding our heart this straight passageway to God is acceptable to God, ah god, ah god I wish he'd not done that,” turning his back, this cry away from them, wiping his face into cold sheets, even a glance at the sunny day taunting shaded windowsto be separate from this body, is to be present with Christ, ah god, ah god, have mercy and not sacrifice, he shouldn't have done that.”

                                    ...I Will Get Me To The Mountain Of Myrrh... 
                                                            Scene XII

      "I know who you are," showing himself very distasteful, even disjointed just not the happy go blessed character before the terrorist attack, tidying up his work area. "I was in a demonstration whereas I took part of one of your talk sessions just before waking from a coma, Why would God let him do that?" Immediately tears poured and spread about the face of this terrific appearing young man, easily making sense why terrorist had chosen him. "I just keep asking myself that. well ask yourself, Reynolds isn't it? Well, why did God give Adam and Eve this innocent such an urgent, life, to a cursive death of a decision, wasn't it because he wanted them to practice their free will? Something even Jesus, this sacrificial Son/Lamb did, when he asked God to relieve him of his birth upon responsibilities, did literately in the same breath altered His Will to Redeem us, his spilled blood? I know you guys Wounded Knee have all the answers," roughly sitting the stood, had Reynolds Cassius especially asked to meet with Sia Wounded Knee, having him in his dreams. "Not Preece Reynolds all the answers, but having the wisdom of God is to mean they will never leave us ignorant, he choice of his free will, that's how you figure it? There is Reynolds no other way to figure it as you say, there isn't a day that goes by we don't make free will choices, although it was for your mom, you made the choice to board a plane that day, right? Then whose to say the man giving his life that you live didn't belong to or give his life to Jesus even as he did, I thought about that, well, actually I prayed. That he even chanted Jesus's name, that God have mercy and not sacrifice, if so, it mean I will meet him one day, what about right now? Ah, his family, children, they would love to meet you Reynolds, they would love to meet the young man their father sacrificed himself for, it's to give this unthinkable tragedy triumph. I can't, I can't face them, I feel so ashamed, ashamed, we're not to be ashamed of the gospel reaching out to persuade and save others, you, you will come with me then? I will, I'm already pleasured that you even asked me, what will I say, I have little memory of that day, they just want to meet the boy their father's blood, bled for. Mother, mother are you here? Moving into the door, giving a curious Wounded Knee place to closely suspect the drawing and paintings around his room, perhaps his. I am right here, will you call them, call the Reverts see when it's best to visit them? Yes, I'll be more than glad, your mom say you want to enter the Juttah, I was planning to enter with Beowulf, his wife and son, everything just went so lopsided since then. What do you think? These are all yours? They are, they're really good, so good I have a scholarship to one of the top colleges in the country, even in Italy, others, but against my mother's wishes, well actually my entire family, I chose, well you know. It's ok Reynolds. even natural to be angry, just don't let it overtake you, I understand, they invited us to dinner son, 8:00 sharp, they can't wait to meet you, good, really."     <<<"I am so sorry for your lost, I know son, my husband and I knew our way of life demand these manners of sacrifices, thine own Maaseiah 11 o'clock shopping lunch hour while our military loved ones are slaughtered is a parody of such foolishness. That mean your husband was as well is a believer, these 11 years. We all are, so Tribe, what news is there of the Juttah? I've follow the Paris Globe as it ministers the Lamb of God, since I've been old enough to read, all of us have, please, what of the African Juttah, I'm both afraid and elated that it passes into the Septennial, meaning it's only days from ascension. Frighten, Tribe? Frighten wise one for those yet rebellious of God's Anointed having his way with earths inhabitants, and you, Preece Reynolds, why are you so silent, tell us about that blessed day? I fear I can't Miss, when I woke it was a week later, I know but what was perhaps already told you, I know, then what good am I? You are my father's blood, his spirit and life source, he chose you, that is the good, this blessed death yes? Yes, madam, most certain, come," spinning up with such haste, handing him her hand, this too stunning, perhaps his own age of a female, so mysterious, "please, what I have won't hurt, I promise
, go young Preece, be excused, please tribe, it's Wounded Knee, Saber Tooth, most simply call me Saber, or Sia Deburk, ah, what of this Septennial you mention?     >>>Wow what a stunning Yacht, it's far more than that young Preece, father said he woke one morning with five words pouring off his of his tongue, "we will build an ark," many years has past, he had yet Preece to remember what went prior, except Jesus warning, these end days would be as the days of Noah. So you're saying, it is more, much more Preece than a Yacht, outwardly yes, that is what all are to think and believe but deep within it's belly it is capable of a lot more things, this matter of the sea, and you're showing it to me? Because for us Preece it is hope in a world that is vastly dark, cold and lifeless, this, is all rooted into Jesus'  promise as we are, we are the light of life, right? We'd plan to be on our way, in only three days from now, all is made ready, we need but board and head for the African Juttah, I must ask you Preece, will you, now having Father's blessing come alone with us? My name is Reynolds, not Preece, Sia Wounded Knee call me that as an act of honor, nothing more, though I'd planned nothing else for the last year or more, I don't even know you, not even your name, my name is Nioami Crossing, Omni for short, and I Reynolds can be your wife, I can bear you Juttahs' children. It was nice Nioami, meeting you," offering her a name that wasn't welcomed, could Reynolds not believe how fast all this was going, not that she wasn't this precious, most beautiful thing he'd ever seen, "and I'm twice as sorry about your Papa, my Papa as you say, does what he thinks is best, be blessed in your endeavors dear Reynolds, we set sail before it's the first of April, thank you Omni, and good night."        

                                                ...And To The Hill Of Frankincense...
                                                               Scene XIII

-"Elohim is mankind's parent, he gave us a woman seed as promised and said here, this is my only begotten son, this is how you worship me. This is the only way I'll know your worship is authentic, how you follow Christ Jesus, man is born with a birth defect, sin, all men, which is why the first thing Jesus taught Jewish religious leaders was the blessed death of being born again, so though the law come by Moses, truth and grace is come this Prince of Peace. Stunning Kadesh man, (Meshullam Kadesh, reconcile, be holy, Heir Juttah, Parents Preece Ebonee Bele and Preecest Karsiann Coogan). Really Kadesh man, though this just now come to me, I don't think China is going to allow America to bomb another Asian anything, and I don't care whose name is on it, Kim or what have you. Especially by Bush war on the so called axis of evil, and after what they did to Colonial Qaddafi, to other world leaders mean they don't care who gets killed or how many the holocaust to further their own interest all on the premise of peace. Yeah, I bet China and Russia are still kicking their own butts for letting that happen, then Creed man as I said, it's not happening again on their watch, proven the second they ran to ally Syria's Assad, I mean I'm not saying Assad won't fall, I mean look we oust Saddam Hussein and bible prophecy this upset,not only put a Hussein in the Whitehouse, but for the entire duration of Western Civilization. So if Assad isn't the one predicted into the end, there is only one at this time who can replace him, the little horn, which you guys will explain Maaseiah dreaming Antichrist reign again only now Trump's Administration, wow you guys, God truly is God, huh? Then my fellow Preece and Preecest in Christ' blood I'm afraid Russia and others feel the same about middle eastern countries, that they been sleeping with the enemy America all this time, regardless she alone the benefactor and I guess you can say, the honeymoon is O. V. If you think about it Beeth that would be the fulfillment of the seventeenth chapter of revelation, because at first she and the beast , both of which Maaseiah witness rise just as Obama's this damning distraction as all US election. Mystery whore and the Beast for generations now have this covenant of evil they've implemented and a sick affinity to man covered the planet with blood, hence God's own rendering wine-press for hundreds of miles. Then just as abruptly they have this falling out and said beast turn and ally another, now this Gog and Magog where together they slay her into her oblivion and the world along historic gloominess, this death-renderer to destroyer of souls. Undoubtedly you guys causing this nation to worldwide exodus into literal extinction, sorta like the Maya. All of which Grand Maaseiah been prophesying and demonstrating into forewarning, what, like thirty-one springs now? Terrifying Kadesh man, simply terrifying, denoting the Holy Spirits to the righteous laborers urgency to sound seeming limitless alarms. So you right, it all make sense and clarifies how America is made so vulnerable in the end, as in easily taken over. So all you guys think they're really gonna do it? According to Maasieah's prophecy somebody or something caused America to the West complete deletion at this time and it will not return to Holy Lords void. I even remember Creed man, Maaseiah confessing how when told her, that He, Elohim would do this, she didn't believe it either, then come this heart gripping, even terrifying assurance. They are as good as warn as the people of Ezekiel's day doing this time in his ministry, a siege was come by the enemies, then it was the Chaldeans, now it's Islamic terrorist to an Asian invasion. Lest you all forget, there has already been a partial fulfillment of this cocktail of disasters pending US soil, those twin towers. With concern, the conclusion included an Asian invasion into epidemics whereas presently, not only are prophesied enemies bearing down on US soil it has been announced tens of millions will die. There is right now you guys a command, that all parents be killed, all! Yeah, so Darius Juttah do we even want to guess what Maaseiah's census taking was all about? As the days of Ezekiel Brave, it was the assignment of the ink-horn man, as the days of Moses it was the assignment of the specialty Lamb, as the days of Noah, it was the assignment of the Ark, the days of the church age it is the assignment of Christ's Cross, and each one of these took the glorious faithfulness of one's obedience. So I believe Maaseiah's suffered census further marked a certain group on this planet for life, as in you guys possibly the 144,000, that Maaseiah just participated in that vast undertaking quite glorious. Just think, do you know how far removed from this planet the spiritual mind of the Bride if Maaseiah has witness the opening ceremony into the Lamb's Book Of Life? Maaseiah, our Maaseiah haven't only seen this ancient scroll unimaginable, not only have she touched it, even you guys fettered along it's phenomena artist entities. Maaseiah has witnessed the divine placement of it's blessed characters now permanent heir God's Throne, and there each precious one of them, of us BFA man, yes, excuse me, of us will be with the Lord Christ forever.  Look you guys I wasn't there when she said it, when she described the book of life, what about it, what did she see? Well Brave she'd already been suspicious, waking up knowing these various names, but not a clue, then years later, she woke one night just. knowing. That's through fear and trembling she'd just like glanced into that special book you know and she said before she waked, she remembered some of those names.Then this one morning, sitting straight up in bed, this song, one she was little familiar with played in her head, 'we exalt thee,' did a stunning husband, Beethoven Fifth Artz chime in, as all couples sitting the round table paid close attention. "That gradually sweet heart as these lyric blessed her heart, she begin to remember. Maaseiah begin to remember Brave, not only had she witnessed and participated in that specialty book of the Lamb being open. Amazingly, it was doing a ceremony, miraculously there was a roll call being made of it's ancient contents, that every time one of it's inheritants were announced, she would witness it rise from these well prophesied pages, flow up and fitter away, yeah she said into heavenly places, and just as so on to the next; with millions written there Brave, you want to guess how long that would take? Ah my God, such extraordinary beyond belief things they show her, yeah Brave and cause us to believe. So you guys the world nations as Jesus foretold would mark the final generation of man, this nuclear tug of war, you all know just as doom's launch is set, we're all captured out of here. Yeah, Maaseiah said doing one of the dreams of being captured out, as we rose to Christ, marriage suppers and mansions in heaven she witness nuclear missiles being as you said Creed, launched upon the earth. Al of which is why doing the most dramatic of demonstrations of rapture where at times of the worse nuclear plant disasters threatening, again come these warnings about catching the Bride out. You all do know it shouldn't just be us, the born again escaping right? That after thousands of years of outreaching God's form of righteous, the woman seed, the virgin birth, Christ's Ministry, Cross there shouldn't be a person left on this earth when Jesus call, Though idolatry that is world religion, the great whore John witness just sitting on them as to delude them, all along this American Dream, all kingdoms, nations and people forsaking God's way creating their own. Yeah Braveheart, that's since our first parents, now cursed blood lineage disobeyed God, surely there began the Broadway that leadeth instead to death and after that the second death, sadly losing complete sight of Jesus' immortality. You know it's happening right now, a lot of things Creighton man are happening right now, which one? It just that I briefly arrived the bedroom, local news, they'd been talking about the US and North Korea crisis, and you could tell they were all tensed up, because they briefly lost their way. good, most designed seizures are to wake them the hell up! Then come true is the dream Maasseiah say where she was able to look into American homes, how this day they were all parked their TV sets. That they were awaiting breaking news, good to really bad, how it had to be like the days of the Cuban Missile crisis. Soon, that it was obvious the news wasn't good because she witness them all become panic, snatching up themselves, their children, these grab bags and heading out speedily. She, well Maaseiah Cry man as well said she witnessed a grim reaper on assignment, one that come right after them stampeding. I Creek man remember that, she said he bore a sword like syringe, that when he would capture them. How he would like lay them back this expert dance, and jam this slaughtering tool right in their heart, that when he was finished nothing was left of them, not even this memory. Which you guys will explain what I witnessed reported lately, that heroin use and it's overdoses are up like 400 percent, 400 hundred? Yeah, that's Beeth (Beethoven Fifth Artz, BFA Files), what I saw, and heard, I know, unimaginable and that's just one of many master disasters come, it's all like Maaseiah said. Well that's warn lately and the whole class just went silent, how the only moment in this country should be toward repentant alters of Jesus Christ, all else vain, yeah Kadesh man, I heard that, I thought about the prophet Joel commissioning his people to sleep at the alters, that said approach of troubles are that cataclysmic. Yeah Darius Ju, ok, ok, yeah, I keep telling you man, I know, it's Mesh, no, no, just Kadesh, ok,, ok, sorry, but Maaasiah said it was told her just a month or so or ago that 50 million would die, yeah, realizing the same exact thing had been told her fifteen years ago, 2002, that 50 million would die, making you guys better sense of the funeral reef. You all remember that? This paper route, the handle bars, a funeral reef, Obama, Clinton that reached far into the skies this death toll, she also Kadesh said another thing, that it had a date of November 4th, meaning around US elections, evenly Mariah, why she called on it's cancellation into pounding such vanity these thousands of years into repentant alters. Who is listening? Is what I wonder, Maaseiah, The Tribe, BFA files, the Church Age, African Juttah period, who is listening? Just tell me this Creed, you think Col. Qaddafi urged to build a United States of Africa just as the world is dismantling around historic immigration right along Maaseiah's purposed since the late eighties national to world exodus was all a coincidence? I was BFA man reading about that lately, I can tell you all something even more freaky, if allowed it would have been finished between, now get this, 2017 and 2024. Those are the years Maaaseiah has prophesied the Bride's escape, 2017, and seven years later, it's return, 2024, there is no coincidence here you guys I got chills, this is divine intervention, ah man are you serious?" They all had alike responses not believing what they were hearing, that God was truly in charge regardless of all the seeming madness. "Yeah, it mean there will be a US to world exodus, only those born again will witness it from heaven, ah how we suffer unnecessarily because we don't carry everything, no faith nor faithfulness to Elohim in ceaseless prayers. How, Kadesh man, they are greed, and that as Paul said is the stumbling block of their iniquity, and is why regardless of Christ's Cross these thousands of years, even it's Millennium, the heathen yet rage against him and His Anointed. Hey you guys we better go before they escort us out of here. wow living in mansions in heaven, not only that, imagine a whole new world with a New Jerusalem descended into it, now my wife Braveheart so sweet, imagine that. Hey, I was meaning to ask," as those readying a leave, out on the town with Juttah wives as they did at lease once a week. "Did you all see Maaseiah's latest post? It was from 2002 as well, four countries in a block, ah, Asia, America, Russia and Japan, yeah those in a tug of nuclear war right now, yeah immediately I thought of Daniel seeing the rise of only four specific nations, ah, I think Medo Persia, Assyria, Grecia and the Roman Empire, right? Yeah, something like that, because Babylon was already in the greatest of reign, King of kings, this head of gold, So if Daniel's was the beginning of world nations, doesn't that mean hers, Maaseiah's is the indeed the end? That would Darius, ah, Kadesh man, really BFA, ah it's to explain the Angel Gabriel mentioning the sounding of the seventh angel, all kingdoms, nations are finished and are angry, God, Christ reign, forever." Why Speak in parables? 

                       Thou Art All Fair, My Love; There Is No Spot In Thee

                                                   Scene XIV
     -"No, no Nicholas," as one positioned on an exam table, their doctor visit, the ob-gyn, something Tiffany Ann (Maaseiah), didn't think she would ever be worried with again. “It's like having all your bases covered, America's destruction is set, whether it's natural, planetary or Militarily, there is no escape. All or every manner of masterful disaster have been placed on alert, and like the days of old God's wrath is come US soil. I was in a dream the other night, didn't make much sense, but I realize, the street I and a little girl named Miya. One Nicholas whose been plaguing the dreams of the Tribe, it was the exact street we were living Nicholas when I first received the dream about the death rider being loosed from beneath the earth. "Good morning Mr. and Mrs. Coogan, everything seem to be alright, there is Dr. Pateson one thing, my wife here, wonder with the greatest of technology why is that examine gel yet so freezing cold? Ah Mr. Coogan made a funny, guess what I have here, ah, well to be honest we haven't a clue, well, with this mysterious fate dangling like so their heighten suspicious along his easing playfully a readied stood. "I guess parents to be, again, the two just became three, three, we're having triplets? Ah my God is Christ Tiffany we're having three sons, ah, not quite, the third. it's a girl, ah my God Nicholas," holstered excitingly into her elbows this limited, this crystal clear, even deep in thought. “It's her, don't you see Nicholas, it's Miya, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, ah, there have been dreams about this little girl and no one Dr. Pateson knew why. Sia Beowulf dreamed of her as well, it was as though they'd been transfigured into the past, where he sat this passenger without a driver, this aged automobile, It went on to be about a toll that took two quarters and a little girl named Miya A toll Tiffany that took two quarters, my Christ, when you Nicholas place it in that order, yes, the double quarter the floor, the double doors. Ah excuse me, remember the doctor in the room? I didn't tell you but just as I had separate dreams about President Obama, and First lady Obama, both being on Dunlap Street, the little girl, Miya, well," as to shake off that revelation for now, nither of them not paying a prying after them Doctor Pateson mind. "I here lately had a dream where we were picking up like a wondered off Miya on Dunlap street, coming toward us, knowing us. The little girl Nicholas is about the same age I would've been when I lived on Dunlap Street, there is no question the parody here. Time has lapsed, and an end has come to America, the West without question, my lord, you guys are seers, ah fortune tellers, no, we see what the Lord God, Christ would have us to see. Thanks Doctor Pateson for all your help, you probably gonna want to get out of America, so a dream about a little girl Miya told you that? No, dreams and visions that like the days of Noah, of Moses, of father Abraham, of two of the greatest prophets ever carrying us right into Armageddon, The sounding of the seventh angel and Jesus' Millennial, they been showing me for decades are all happening, right here, right now, Beginning at what is now God's apostate sanctuary, America, as they've forsaken God, again thanks for all your help, wait, you say that Mrs. Coogan as though this is good-bye, Miya's arrival says that's exactly what this is, wait, wait, where will you go? The African Juttah, the African what? I always thought that was made up, eyes doctor haven't seen," with a loving husband Nicholas Edin helping her up, getting her clothes, it wouldn't be long as Tiffany Ann explained, they would be a flight Juttah heir, destination New Africa, Juttah. "Nor Doctor Pateson, ears heard, neither hath it entered into the hearts of men, the things God hath prepared for those who love Him. That's stunning Maaseiah, just stunning, Maaseiah, you just called, calm down, it's my birth name, Maaseiah Adonai, made of Jehovah God, Elohim, and my grandson, Darius Juttah is name, Meshullam Kadesh, reconcile be holy. I totally Dr. Pateson suggest. Don't feel so estranged, you have my contact information, use it. “Ah my god Nicholas eggs and buckets of blood, I don't understand, the word recently, eggs, Easter, approaching, blood, ...with Tiffany terrorist threatening the Passover, I got a warning just before a terrorist attack and a failed coup in Turkey right as US Independence day, “of Turkey Leg.” Remember that? As one putting on shoes, having made ready, not realizing that a yet stun Doctor Pateson was yet listening in, mightily astonished. "Well, can't you warn them?  No, these are the people that have eyes but they can't see, they have ears Doctor but they can't hear, they have a mouth but they will not repent, their hearts are waxed grossed.”      >>>"Maaseiah said there were double doors, double quarters, so what's behind them, you think she even know, does it have anything to do with the three doors the prophets Ezekiel open to her? Perhaps Jeremy, but only Maaseiah know the answer to that,  you made I see, yes, hopefully in time, I must say you don't look at all surprised, ah but I am," laying a soft, deliciously scented, edible cheek to his, totally startling Reynolds Michael his blood throughout, "you ok," that he's to appear faint, but never has Reynolds felt anything like that, how wonderfully terrifying, “did I startle you? So what is that? This is our weekly class, we meet to discuss what's urgent about the Juttah, it's Maaseiah, Tribe, your father was a part of this? My father Reynolds was it's leader, now it all passes to you, to me?" Again this horrid to heart panic alarm, surely what did she mean, to him and indeed why him? He was barely, ah, like her, seventeen. “You knew I would come, you wasn't surprised, I prayed, I hoped, that has been my lifestyle Reynolds since birth,  right Manasseh, because we can trust a covenant of marriage with God regarding our eternal lives, but we can't trust a covenant with God regarding our temporary lives, how ridiculous is that? Let me guess, your husband? No, I'm not married,” seeming insulted by that assumption at helping him with his bags, they'd already began to pack and prepare departure, so she would just escort him to a state room. “I'm sorry what?” That it was a certainty Reynolds was positive she was married with the possibility of children and beyond being a Preecest Juttah, they sort of worshiped it. “I can tell you was quite positive about that, so you really think a wife with a husband present could greet you so flirtatiously, ah so you were flirting with me? Yes, purposely, my fathe found yu worthy of death, surely I can find you worthy of marriage. I only Reynolds said I wasn't married not that I didn't want t be, where are you taking me?" Surprisingly fixing his eyes this dramatic of a stunning boat, ah ship, surely a yacht impressive enough to blow ones mine. “Your state room silly, we set sail in only a few days, meaning you have perfect timing, this, this, wow it's amazing, I know, but you haven't seen anything. So if you Reynolds thought me married why did you come back? You asked me to, remember? If. I mean if you didn't mean I, I can always, no, no, ok, you got me,” seeing a snide look on his yellow, flawless face, those pinkish lips, and bellowing like the ocean eyes, though getting back to that winning smile. “This can't be right, this can't be our escape, who designed it? This is, it's blowing, it's mind-blogging. I told you so, ah lunch is in only an hour, press and listen for it's locale just here, and I'll meet you there. Don't fall asleep, pleaseee, I want to introduce you to the rest of the crew, ah guess, I mean guess, ah, the Aquatic Juttah I guess you can say, I'll certainty my lady meet you there, then ok, enjoy, yes, I believe I will," yet this stunning grin up, down and all around, even oblivious of her taking this leave, yea it was all that gripping, "indeed I will."

                          ...Come With Me From Lebanon, My Spouse... 
                                                      Scene XV

     “I ever tell you how much I love your neck?" Erotically wiping and smooching away long dark strands this bite of her lovely neck, it's sorely invading private places scent. “No sir mister," as to move away funnily, this lovely decline for now, did Brave-heart, now prepping breakfast, have a million things to do, and what husband Beethoven Fifth Artz (BFA files), hinted wasn't one of them. “Don't you ever get tired? You mean you do? I mean disorienting husband there are other things, yeah,” flirtatiously getting her this close, as usual not settling for no, again her, neck, tantalizing scent  those insatiable lips, tongue, “Beeth, Beeth please, no, ok, no, now I got to go, go? Okay, I'll play alone, what's today? My weekly, well actually our weekly responsibility to the new Juttah arrivals, ah, then today is Saturday, clearly darling husband, that's why we're up so early, that was my next question, "taking the palm of her hand along flesh involving kisses, just this disruptive flirt still, "before I was so mesmerized by your neck, and all those incredible things below it, You are literally making this up as you go, ah, kinda, yes, but it's still so true. I'll fix breakfast while you Mr. can't get enough get ready, okay, okay, but once Brave stunning we're return you're all mine, right? Yes, right, I even look forward to us enjoying a day in our bed of play, uh,that rhyme, okay, cute I get it, go, go, the faster we get there, right, right?"     >>>Didn't Bethel, Lord Christ say in the end they, rebellious men would go to and fro as though countless fore-warnings are naught. Only to then wonder why it is bible prophecy go forward irrespective of their unbelief, even whether they trust God, just as they go about their everyday lives, lands and churches so does bible prophecy. Timely judgments targeting all they hold dear, thus Brave, you guys the mockery behind Grand Maaseiah's woman bearing black bowls, This greatly visited water cooler, also having business cards for better homeless shelters to share, yeah, for the former things, Clarice, like the American Dream had passed away, now to get them to act consequently. Which is why Preecest of Juttah, Jesus taught us how to invest in the humans greatest asset, laying our treasures in heaven, the souls of men. Why aren't thou cast down Herenton Egan, what? Stunning her with such a cross look, that she even called him by that name, having called him simply Egan all this time, “I think I want to see her, the person you wronged and was given another chance? The person I wronged? That, that Peyote is almost laughable if this situation wasn't so tragic still, I raped her, as one keeping his voice down, even eventually leading him her his way his way, the class nearly done. "Almost killed her, monstrously left her for dead as I tried to cover it all up, like Elohim isn't seeing and recording everything, everything? Then you seeked God, by Jesus' blood and you apologized for all of it, that is also His Record, even found yourself in horrid places not of this world Herenton because of it. How terrifyingly crippling, helpless was that? Beyond description, a surrealistic phantom I never, never again want to think about. So you got to strop equally punishing yourself for that to happen, that you not remember, you said you learn she has since gone on with her life. I hate to say but unless you're yet envious, an evil possessing you at the first, I'm not envious or anything like that. I dare not utter her name, but she’s pregnant, has agree to give up it's infant, how do you know this Egan, how? Like I know everything I been telling you about her, I just know, my god, it must have been an inescapable mad house for her, if she'd not had him. I just keep thinking, if he'd not been so in love with her, never leaving her side. I shutter in my heart, mind, to think what would've happen, she had to be out of her mind contemplating suicide, I know I would have been. I've told you and told you, I want to marry you Egan, bring our own children into the Juttah, what do you think about that? I can't explain it, I must see her, speak with her, I must, ok, ok, then you'll come with me, you mean to America? To the one place Egan millions there should be escaping, yes, including my family, I never told you, it was like a truce among ourselves. My father awake one morning knowing he had a calling upon his life, like father Noah, that he'd been told an Aquatic Age was coming. That he then woke lamenting, “we will build an ark,” they're called the Aqua Juttah and there's at lease two dozen of them and I. Well I Peyote, I want to be there when he launch them. You have, you have tears in your eyes, “I know,” wiping her cheeks, neck like so, but had she not been made to realize anything so wonderfully faithful. “Ah, then I'll waste no time, I'll plan our right away departure, and I, I will marry you, I just need to do this first, yes, I completely understand, completely.”   >>>"So why Reynolds were you so upset that Papa Joe had risked his life for yours? It's simple Jeremy, ours, the born again death is to be present with the Lord, I didn't want anyone jeopardizing their immortal to safeguard my temporal life, desperately destined to be home, this heir with Christ. Though now that I know he is a believer as well, I mean my heart hurts that Nioami lost her father, I'm glad he didn't lose his soul as well. Doesn't that mean you don't believe good deeds can see us through to heaven? Yes, but only the ones the Son of God has suffered to be mankind's blood redemption restoring us from the transgression committed in the beginning, the Eden. What does Jesus say? I am the way, truth and the life, no man cometh unto the father except by me, no man Nioami, Omni, I told you only Omni. So did you tell him? The celebration of matrimony, I don't understand, we're all getting married, this single wedding before we set sail this Juttah, we're determined as from the beginning Juttah, not to enter except by the Genesis marriage. I'm telling you this Reynolds because it is believed by all here,” with Jeremy referencing about twenty couple present, if he had to guess, and yes they were obviously coupled, all save one, Nioami Crossing. It was sort of like they expected his arrival long before the terrorist incident, like it was predestined. "Surely you know, Nioami Crossing's father by equally shedding his blood that you live, has chosen you his son through the marriage of his eldest daughter. You still have a choice, you're not Reynolds in any way to be forced against your will, I think Omni I know that, but you asked why did I return to you, if not to take you as my wife? I will be excused to consider this further, I will meet you later? Yes, of course, I will be ready, as so will I, good day all of you and thank you for allowing me this additional grace, make no mistake, I will join you all, break bread this wedding day, again good day. You just couldn't wait, the ceremonies dear sister are in just hours from now, he had to know what was being expected of him. I don't like it," as one begrudgingly getting up, as they all were, cleaning up from breakfast,  both regretting and joyously anticipating a glorious day of Juttah wedding festivities.“You made us sound like a cult or something, we are by Christ's Cross a covenant of young marriage worshipers to God Almighty, the Royal Priesthood, but by some we've been called worse. You Omni know what is best this entry the Juttah, we're not to frustrate Negeb Ophel, remember? Now we all have wedding preparations, so as Preece Reynolds said, see you there, yeah, yeah, see you there, don't be so melancholy, dad died for this, remember that as well.”  Why speak in parables? For they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, be aware as God, Himself,  

                                       ...With Me From Lebanon... 
                                                   Scene XVI

     -All of this is happening, and no body is listening, yeah you keep saying that, as though you don't know what john saw come out of great tribulation, a multitude, a number Jeremy man, no man could number, like all people scattered the Babel. Come the royal Priesthood that will now by Christ's Blood be reunited and will finally be as God promised one new man, one celebration of a marriage supper. The prophet Daniel Gracie said, all this trouble is come upon us, yet we make not our prayers before God, that we may turn from our iniquities and understand the truth of the Cross. Yes, and Jesus said, we love our pleasures, the entire circumference of what is America, the West has become, more than God, having no fear of God, or His Wrath whatsoever, but are all the more bellicose in their transgressions. “Smiling faces don't last, rub Canada from the map," remind me of a dream I had about Canada just last night, (04/24/2017, remind me of Maaseiah being warn of that a few years back. Didn't she also have a dream of them, of Canadians being drove by the millions like cattle, yeah, yeah, really, really startled her, it has to mean what Trump's voters are saying. Accusing that he as well is the warmonger, how campaign promises don't last, the end of western civilization three months later, 2001 AD, commence. I believe he's the white man Maaseiah witnessed cast into a bed, into these restroom brawls this insurmountable distraction into the Christ Lord gathering His out, leaving the rebellious stranded, now get this, atop highrise building, all things pointing to Trump's Administration, where did you, the issue of the rest, (, if you guys haven't read it, it's pointing to right these moment national to international event strong distracting God's people right into the prophetic disappearance of millions and none will escape it's prophetic fulfilling, none. I'm afraid I just don't understand it,” as a worried one pushing away dessert for now, confusing them with this lack of comprehension, truly why did she marvel? I had to remind a person lately, how they couldn't use the passage of time as a form of normalcy bias, what is occurring with people, is this way Jesus commanded them all to remember? Correct babe, ok, calm, calm down, it's Jesus explanation of why e speak in parables, yeah it was also his warning to rebellious religious leaders, those blind made to see, those seeing made blind, thou the people Omni have eyes, they can't see remember, though they have ears they can't hear, though they have a mouth, they can't speak, their hearts are waxed cold, even stone, their choice and it's from centuries of serving god's with alike birth-defects into handicaps, again their curse into judgment and damnation, remember the Genesis, what? Why are you, Coogan, I'm sorry, Coogan's father, before he was, ah released, out of the coma, after months restored to his family, he remember Holy Spirits asking him that, or answering his question with a question, he wanted to know what was happening, who was or what was overpowering his manpower and their response was, "remember the Genesis?' And he as well answered a question with a question, you mean the beginning? And his eyes open to his family again, but was that Jer man a question, or a reminder, it's both. I mean America is called a dream, not realizing a dream is something you wish, which is no more reliable than you, your desires endowing it, like an elusive magic trick, it's incapable of being anything other than a fantasy. It's Paul crying and they having forsaken God's form of righteousness, and \jesus lament he that believeth not is condemn already and then John hear those of the heavenly host cry, blessed are those in the first resurrection upon which the second death hath no power, a strong delusonist as predicted even at the very detriment of their souls, where seeming all you desire is granted, yeah but for a price, what did Satan offer Jesus if he would forfeit the kingdom of God into the souls of men to gain a temporal world, things seen temporal, like a dreams-scape, this continuing nightmare, things not seen eternal, as is the ancient of days, now His Heir, now Abba Father. You can't save the world without killing it first, Jesus is the only the one who can do that, because as he explained to sisters Matha and Mary, He alone being the resurrection of life, can rise the world again all anew, which is why all these years the message of the cross has been repent or perish, get ye to Jesus, the only blessed death, Ezekiel's dream of the field of dead bones risen again to life, right, such a vivid dream, just this escalation of new life, in reverse from the bone marrow into the beating heart of a human being made new, right? Yeah Noami, I guess, ok, Reynold man, that was both frightening and this heart gripping blessed assurance, that our labors, long-suffering Abba Father, isn't in vain, I know, I don't even know where that come from from, sincerely like that came from one place, yes, holy spirits, now the heart and you Reynolds, God's temple, and you Noami to immediately see Ezekiel's vision of resurrection, how truly amazing.” >>>”Could I please help you with those?” Abruptly reminded of the pepper spray her purse if this tall, dark, stunner if he tried anything, it was a lot of that going around, people hurt, even killed, “Thank you kind sir, but I believe I can manage, I don't mean to startle you but I think I recognize you, I knew Herenton, you are his sister, right? Ah Bristol,” as one handing his hand for shaking, seeing her reluctance, that she cautiously consented, how like her brother she was amazing, even model caliber. "I am in kind of a hurry, meeting the marriage planner and all, it's just that I heard the tragic story. I been wondering about you, I mean you all, his, Herenton family. He so respected family, this future master attorney, Herenton and I were classmates, to colleagues. It's just that I been in the Juttah, even the strait of Negeb Ophel the last six or so months, you been in the Juttah, those sacred hills? I have, it is Bristol so beyond phenomena there, breaths are instantly taken away, hearts, thoughts shattered, there is nothing on the planet in comparison. Just think, heaven is to be a million times more phenomena, which is possibly why flesh and blood cannot inherit it. I mean who could ever withstand it? Surely None could. I'm sorry who are you again?” Finding herself suddenly so taken away by him, by his remarkable testimonial and even revelations of divinity, surely she was missing something here. “As I said, there was always talk of family, it was so important to Herenton that his love for, for her, literally, ah, well, go on, you can say it, it literally possessed him. I was wondering about his family as I said, you, his brother, the parents, how are them all? And Rig. Ah Regan, sorry, ah she's pregnant right, ah, I heard, married? We're all just fine, and you, married, Henry always said you would be an old maid, so who is he? Ah, Brazen, Brazen Paul Vanderwood,” how doing a long pause, as one is to lose his thought, did said intermission all the more cause Bristen Kegan this heighten curiosity after this bold and beautiful, supposedly stranger, I better go, my girl probably think I fell off the planet or something, I would love Brisk, ah sorry, Bristol to meet the rest of your family, so let me give you this, you have brother Darius? Yes, well, so if I don't see you again, you have a good life, I will, Dwol is it? It is,” as one moving off as quickly as he'd possibly appeared, long-legged, model caliber himself, now just this stark reminder of brother Herenton. “Could I asked you something, sure, if you never meet us, how did you pick me out of a crowed packing lot? Pictures, failed illusions Herenton called them but better than nothing the memories they brought, perhaps I'll see you again, dinner with the family or something, we'll see ah, I'll have brother Darius call you, sweet, good day, be blessed, yeah, you as well.” 'Dwol Nage Notnereh,' as one glancing the name on the card given her, thinking it was strange, he didn't seem at all foreign, and what kind of name was Dwol? That it seem almost made  up, how the entire happen chance did, that it wasn't a serendipitous as so called Dwol Nage Notnereh made it so deliciously appear, {{{“Darius Lowd, how may I help you, stop, you stream all your calls, this can't be happening as I was promised by my sister no abrupt interruptions, so a wrong call at best. Look, as one sniffing, wiping at tears making blurry this mysterious business card, still sitting the car, nearly ten minutes later now, wondering could what she was imaging be anyway possible? “Something impossibly real just happen, meet me for lunch, I'll pay, it's a working lunch, I'm not alone, you ok? No, I'm not, it is Mr. Vanderwood? Ok Dare, where are you? Give me ten minutes, you will not regret this."

                                         ...Look From The Top Of Amana....
                                                          Scene XVII

    "You're shaking your head, yeah, on all the billions being spent this war-chest on a world system God is fixing to blow literally to His Kingdom Come. I know, if only they would listen and spend these billions these ending months to relocate hundreds of millions. But I'm saying is that Sabertooth entirely possible? Just ask yourselves how long would it take to evacuate hundreds of millions of people? Well, like portrayed the movie the road, all wouldn't go, it's the exodus Maaseiah, as her own children graduate year, and first escape to Africa's Juttah the Mayan Calendar, reminding you, that these young marriage worshipers knew nothing about, the year 2012, you mean like the movie? Yeah, sorta, but there was no elite left, by it's time all people will be on the same financial level, all. So again said get away is now five years off, the little Maya girl her dreams right? Yeah, but a conclusion Beowulf man she'd come to long before, remember, this making of Africa a renew paradise unto the young Genesis Marriage worshipers, mega ships on and beneath water was around the late eighties. Well the communicator is right here, why don't I ask and see it's projection, yeah," as one readying the bite of a red, hopefully sweet, juicy apple, had he not got into his inquiry, how to make his son's mother, his wife? "And I'll just close my eyes, coward, well at least Lion Wolf man, I asked." As I said, you must consider all won't leave, and as prophesied many will barrow themselves into the earth, yeah, mountains fall on us right, hide us from God's wrath that is come, right? The type of transport would have to be consider, from land, to air, to sea, even beneath it.  So? Seeing Medicine Bow turn sway sadly from his research, a blow into his hot cup, a sip, a shake of his head, "it doesn't say, the earth's evac,  even New York, but nothing about the entire Us, it's just not a reality I guess, supposedly the safest place on the planet, only it's taking refuge in his warm, soothing belly of a deadly dragon, well what's it say about New York? That it's impossible, the gridlocks alone would prevent it. What about it's trillion airs allowing or creating an escape allotment? The lord deos say when you do it unto the least of them you do it unto me, and vice versa, Chey, we didn't know you was there, I know, I could tell because you talked freely, I'm not Maaseiah, ok, I only work with her, and even she doesn't want that kind of reverence. Well, what about it, what if these war-chest worth billions is instead granted to each individual as an incentive to escape, and it's done in an order that wouldn't cause any panic? Only Chey man no nation is loaning America exodus money, they're looking at the highest yield from her, and abandoning the, not any more Lion Wolf. Sadly that is no longer how world nation look at America, it is more their problem than solution, and let's just say, even doing this tug-of-nuclear war Maaseiah calls it, they're contemplating pulling the plug on this long sickbed to endure an actual peace on earth without this now doomed warmonger yet calling on the earth, even after this same-se marriage vote, they won't more of it's blood, more, they are as an heroin addict addicted, I mean who standing here,"  as one addressing about half of the tribe that was present, including it's newest member, Beowulf Michael Angelo, here facing one of their older, wisest brothers, even more so, seeing Cheyenne Water Falls worked along side of Maaseiah, this marvelous revelation of the Christ. "Doesn't know this?"  Ahhhhh, I so want to hate them you know that their grievous to greedy paws are fasten this hold upon God's people, explaining why a great quaking is come. It is no different than the days of Moses, only this time Beo man Moses decided to become one of them. to worship pleasures the more, I guess we know how little David felt about the transgressing Goliath, Monster.only now the son of David, a stone come down from heaven is to cut to pieces,dust and wind all of them, freeing us from this evil forever and ever. Great scenario Medicine, you is not gonna believe what Maasseiah told me just a few days ago, please have mercy brother and tell us. Maaseiah said, as she was caught into great celebrations in heaven, perhaps even the marriage supper, that there is possibly one other more greater, the sounding of the seventh angel. That this was when one approached her, I remind you this is the intermission she think caused the silence in heaven, both John's and Her's. Again a holy one come upon her and he said, "He want to see you,"  and she said, "who?"  When his Holy One simply said, "Him," like in Elohim, right? Yes, I, I never Medicine thought of that," as one thrown over at this reveal, just as one mesmerized, "then she said as suddenly as one blink as eye she was standing before a great mountain, from whence a brightness like the sun began to emerge which then began to speak, saying "let my people go!"  So Beowulf like you said, as the days of Moses, and all those standing in the way of God's people even their getting to safety are forming a revolt against Him and His Anointed, which Cheyenne would possibly explain the fury Maasieah witness come into God's face regarding a Trump/Pence administration, yeah, because instead of building a greater America, as ridiculous as that is, like in all these thousands of years of Kingdoms Nations mightily thrown down, now on to them, they've learn nothing. See and instead build for Americans, this world greatest example for abomination, a better escape, and prove itself again legitimately Christ Jesus. I mean Maaseiah now says, well ask, how desperate are fore warnings at them, that they're showing the Obama's administration as to represent a timetable that has lapsed? Meaning the two weeks and seven years wasn't just about Hussein Obama, but the entirety of the dispensation of Grace, the Church Age, and the West, where all is declining into a pending you guys final days of rebellious mankind described as Jacob's troubles, meaning Chey the last week of Daniel, and then you guys Jesus' millennium, that Maaseiah witness as well as to follow Obama, "the one," many think is the pending reveal unto the rapture, Antichrist.  "You think he is? His being a Hussein place him in that blood line, now having baptize the world along a same-sex marriage, again anti-Genesis/God, one of the little horn's traits, it is as questionable to say he is as to say he is not. I got to get back, so see you all at the birthday party, yeah just how old are you turning? I could Beo man tell you, then I would have to ascend you and you being one of Tribe now, where you are is just fine. Hey that remind me, Maaseiah said she dreamed of Brad Pit, yeah well what woman Chey doesn't dream about Brad Pit? Really Lion man, we're talking Maaseiah here, yeah, still a woman, way back, doing one of her exodus dreams, he, Mr. Pit is visibly one of the celebrities, arms filled with the children she witnessed escaping for their lives; then the prophecy, now the fulfillment! You guys stay good like Christ, stand, and I'll see you later, with presents okay, arrive my place with gifts in hand, are we clear? Crystal there old, graying man, crystal, you better be glad Beo man," a blonde beauty himself, making him stick out like a sore thumb, whose looks drew much attention, "I'm just saying you better be glad. as happy as ever old man."  

                                         ...From The Top Of Shenir and Hermon,.. 
                                                              Scene XVIII

  -"Marry me," witnessing how she's to instead look all around, literally up and down spurning his unguarded invitation. "Stop it, no one else is here," he smirks, tickle, astonishing her all the more, this stinging, celebtative look. "I'm talking to you, you can't be," as one roughly finishing her assigned work into lunch, even as to get space between them, did she even more want the day to end. "I mean I don't even know your name, Caspian," as to hand her his expert as himself hand, not at all flinching at his ridiculous inquiry. Caspian, after my father, Hemingway, after my mother, and Weddle, after my grandfather. Well Mr Weddle after your grand father, I have to be excused to, please don't do that, I was born into a world where men like the fish are snared in a net when they lease suspect it. Fatefully to imagine a long life here is complete foolery, regardless I imagine how it would so please me just to have you as my wife, my help meet and co-conspirator to bring new life here, regardless of all of it's peril. "Ok," as to stiffen her neck this ready, so kissable, strong poise, heightening his interest all the more. "Pray tell Caspian what is my name? As to watch him seize up with unaware, to even wonder about, a tiny morsel of memory, surely working along side her these few months, there must be something. "Admittedly, admittedly Mr. Weddle, you don't know, and possibly set a record asking to marry a female whose very name you don't know, Aridity, am I right, I'm right ain't I? How did you do that? Astonished at him, that he would know one of her most regretted secret sworn never to be told, how, how would you ever know, how would any one, who are you, how did you do that? Why would you ask a woman you hardly know to do such sacred things? I told you who I am, no, you told me your name," clearly agitated, as was proven in her rough voice, her stand. even that she would act out aggressively." Hey, be calm ok, I am Italy born, a seventh son, with two sisters, my mom is past my dad is on his sick bed, I've dream of nothing this life but to enter Africa's Juttah and once Dido I laid eyes on you, I knew I wanted to enter, wait, wait, Dido, you call me Dido, I made my parents all but swear to call me nothing other than that or I wold change my name and not look back. Who are you? It is given to me to know such things, stay away from me, I. you wouldn't Dido marry me if I was the last person standing right? Only suppose I am, Maaseiah say a census has been taken, a selection has been made, meaning unthinkable death tolls are pending as is written from Genesis to Revelation. So marriage to a significant other is good, but an exodus from all western territories is best, a significant other, ah I see, you are a metal case." Those gray piercing eyes, brown smooth, thin completion, tall, well modeled, well, quite a catch she would think, but not her type, never the ,man she imagined marring, truly having lost his mind, " I would appreciate it if you never spoke two me again."     >>>“I been looking for you, well I'm here thinking how much you must despise me to be doing this, this? We've talked about this Angel for months, ok, ok, Magness asked that I marry, that he be a father to Sebastian. You're Char telling me this now, you're taking the Juttah vows? I announced them to you first, yes and abandon it's very act Angel at first light, to be honest when I couldn't find you I was reminded of, of, ...of my betrayal, is that what you want, that another man raise our son? You know Magness heart, it cares nothing for God, so how can it ever care about the Juttah Vows? You mean like Angels? Even by your own actions did you not repeat to Gabrielle what you'd already vowed to me, to us Beowulf, to us? And it was a farce, I knew it, with every word tolerantly chanted every breath I, I took was it's bitter reminder, even lethal contagion of how I'd betrayed all those I treasured, beginning with holy fathers of Israel. Though because I did swear, and holy lords it's evidence your place sweet wife is here with me, just as I couldn't court another, this adulterous act, neither can you, it would be equally cursed, one already slain and counting. He is here, Magness is here in France," seen as one sadly flopping into a chair, were France's skies seeming so involving still, and how she'd come accustomed at spending hours this balcony at wrapping herself so pleasantly into them, undoubtedly an adjacent lover, “You haven't touched me, let alone looked at me in any way intimidating to my flesh that longs and mourn to have you tangled and fused therein it's pipping blood, thereupon Beowulf, wherefore art thou, my love? I know, I know, it's just that this night so distinctive, imperiling me so, breaking down a given up soul, hark tis a voice "remember from whence thou art broken and mend, mend it say mend and bring thyself again. Accounted for and absorbed, a sharp, eerie silence in thy shadow's blood. He is those fallen in love, I heard you so well, a cup of trembling, overflowing and spilled.” What are you quoting?" Having come so adorably close, a clasp of her warm hands his forearm, it's piercing eye to eye enchantment. They. These two were those fallen in love so forbiddden, it's Sioux Noel to Maaseiah's failing not,( it sound exquisite will you quote more of it? What will you tell Magness? He haven't Char come all this way for nothing, I rather hear more of this failing night. Have you not read it, or even seen it? I have not, it means we ache for our love, not only does our heart paneth after God's tabernacle, but yours as well, our one and only love. I'm here with you, I'm not some distant afar, I came at your first cry, it's bellowing call, yet Char you are so quickly after another so anxious, there is none anxious here. Just fear and uncertainty, like in the beginning, when you Angel was so terrified of them, of my parents you mean? And Now, I'm still a foreigner as far as the they're concern, burnt by the sun this Ethiopian curse, this unwanted villain having stolen their son. Which Angel remind me, how do they explain your Indian ancestry, who Char say they do, and I go and fall in love with something even more forbidden, do you, do you Beowulf Angelo love me? Say it, heartily mean it and nothing but death will ever separate us again, I think Charlotte we're forgetting this one urgent thing, I am a believer now. I am a Christian, I believe Jesus alone is the one name given under heaven whereby any of mankind maybe reunited to Supreme Gods, doesn't that make me an enemy to your faith? To their faith Angel, it was never mine, I never decided, I never really believed any of it until now, until the last months I've spent with you, I believe what you believe, I trust it, honor and obey it, even as I treasure you, this we will tell Magness together, now more, more failing night, -Ok, ok, sitting the communicator this read, this happy twilight gone sunlight, "however beloved who is to care? Capable instead are we at comprehending the heart of the Supreme, whose heart upon which I'm twin. Yes I'm twofold and retrieved as one anguishing extensively in the direction of my undying one. That we neither overdraw nor desist but hope for one the other, summoning ourselves to an appointment of performing singleness. "So they find one another, yes, this space between them is resolved, this darling, mightily pouring of one into the other, do it," with his breath upon her this magnetizing draw of their very blood aching to be this one and that for all eternity, “please just do it, kiss me, hold me bring the wife into your steaming breast, loins end all suffering for now. I will kiss you, I will hold you and intertwine our steeping blood as one, but Magness being here Char, he must come first.”   

>>> “Mr. Lonely heart, why you guys call him that? Sitting, sipping her cup, was the teen shot as usual really packed, "believe me Anderson, it's Dido, well Dido, I'm not the first nor am I the last, I've worked with Caspian a year and have never see him, well he's a loner, he work alone, he live alone, he sit alone, wiat live alone, yeah, the prenuptial, nuptial dorms . What do you really know about him? I just told you, he's a loner because he is alone, you or any other ever tried just walking over, sitting, visiting with him? No but Dido is welcome, as gorgeous as he is I'm sure no one will stand in your way, freaky freak Caspian is what they call him. So if zi told you he asked me, he asked you, he ask you what? Into the Juttah, that we marry, create a family life, home, the African Juttah, ok, you only been working here how long? Not long enough because until he told me, I didn't even know his name. Wow, nor he yours I bet, yet he asked you to marry, but why Dido am I surprised, drop dead gorgeous or not he's still freaky, freak Caspian. So how did you answer? Let's just say, Phee I wasn't very nice, I knew someone like that once, a real Jesus freak, wanted to marry me and disappear me into the African Juttah. Only that hill alone, this Negeb Ophell, Dido terrified me you know, ah, he had this traditional Indian name, ah Medicine Bow Sign, stop it, that's not a name, that's a location, I know, but it was so, all of his brothers were like so named, known right now throughout France as the Paris Globe, The Juttah Tribe, all. I've never heard of, ok so who or what is a Maaseiah, ah Caspian mention her, she is like their oracle, some even say, she's the church bride manifested in the flesh, wow, really? Like I said, he is stunning, name and all, Caspian Hemingway and all females here see it, want it, I mean who doesn't want to come home to something that look like him, but nuts and bots of Jesus's brand fills his head, possibly even his heart, then are you Dido just a passageway to New Africa, and nothing more? 

From The Lions' Dens, From The Mountains Of The Leopards...
                                                     Scene XVIII

     -Courting Keanu Reeves, what's that about, even the dream of Brad Pit, don't forget seeing Michael Clark Duncan, the movie Armageddon, singing Opera (Armageddon) in a wilderness that is now the world over? May seem to think it's the age old apostasy, even idolatry of living off God's Grace but flirting with death, Satan, or with Disaster's of unbelief. So she Sioux thinks it goes back to these movies 'Armageddon,' a worrisome, nearing asteroid, 'World War Z,' a suddenly outbreak that's the end of everything and 'The Day The Earth Stood Still,' again an end of everything approaching thus the slow motion exodus they're all captured in. I mean Apache, think about it," as one planting the slightest of sauce this juicy steak, a sip of his glass, white wine, were the three oldest of the Tribe, their wives out on the town, their last before their escape into the African Juttah. "Right now according to warnings of Planet X, into Niribu, in one respect it looks like the end of this world as we know it, as so it is, an out break of beast and monsters. At the same time, it looks like John's revelation of seeing a descending New Jerusalem, as in a New World Order, God from the beginning of the Genesis Man, Marriage, so both this stunning end and this beginning to a newness if infinity. Maaseiah also said, this evil of men courting disasters is the reminder of the horde coming after Jesus, that we're  to just imagine their mouth gaping awe when Jesus tells them, "I never knew you, you that worked iniquity." this Apache New Kingdom Age. Wow, they take dance lessons? They don't have to, Constance used to be a director, a dance instructor, tell me you remember that, they are really good, cleared the floor. and everything  Well, just remember you guys, it's the primary thing Jesus forewarn of, repent or perish He simply said, God's Kingdom reign. A divine forewarning as beautiful and terrible as the cross itself, so just as miraculous, a new age of humans glorified into Holy Spirits is upon us, yeah Eve's invasion of peace on earth. You guys!" As to stand into giving brother Cheyenne and Wife Constance a standing ovation, was the entire dinning and dance spot set in awe, even lamenting an encore. "My Christ, I forgot, forgot, heck I didn't know you guys could dance like that, wow! Another reason brother I'm looking forward to the Juttah, I have a class waiting, I'm top instructor, dancing like that I'm not surprised. Yeah ,where can Sioux and I sign up, huh? No, no, no, two left feet remember? Ah I can fix that, that's what I do, ok, ok, I won't say no, I'll just say if Jesus tarry. Speaking of which, what is all this about September 23rd? Yeah now even Maaseiah is in on it, what you mean? There go me and my big mouth, yeah Chey man, it slipped, get over it, so what? So you guys Maaseiah who pays very little attention to dates, even this highly suspected date of September, until she got one, the last demonstration of Rapture, ah my god." That with jaw dropping awe, even a tear triggering about, still they're all left this mesmerized, did they in some kind of mysterious way have a date, even an estimated time of escape? "Maaseiah said, they were taking her away from the country, this planet one or the other, something they been doing with her these last 31 springs.Only this  time as they did she was able to glance at a departure date of September 23rd-25th, no year." Ah my Christ is Jesus she didn't , yes, only take it Apache with a does of fear and trembling as she did. Yeah with that date of 2017 being the fulfillment of the planetary phenomenon the Apostle John is describing the 12th chapter of Revelation, the Aries sign. Just this reintroducing to the heavens the brightest star, sign in the sky since that tell all star, guide, Jesus' mother giving Him birth, as is portrayed by this sign, it's prophecy, just so phenomena. Well have you as well Chey, well Maaseiah, so if the Bride is taken out 2017, it's to return 7 years later, this would be the ultimate fulfillment of Maaseiah's 'Mark 17 and 7, 2003, prophecy, even that all these years. From Noah's Ark until Maaseiah witnessing Jesus' reign, it was pointing to this miraculous event, 2017; I mean Maaseiah, Sioux, she just only learn how it's all prophetic, this Aries sign even a prophecy out of the book of revelation. Yeah they, they? You guys, honey you all keep saying?" Ah, heavens host on assignment toward us, they always give Maaseiah these mysteries soon to be followed by it's revelation, that's already prophetic. Amazing, she always said it, said there are those given to know, ah, an estimated time of escape, I thought no on knew, not even Jesus. Yeah Eve, but more the second coming, and Jesus babe made that statement before the Revelations of God were unveiled to all men who would see, believe. I mean an exact day and hour is yet uncertain, only a season of end time mystery right, right? Maaseiah you guys is one of those given to know and see, to even comprehend things others cannot, Jesus promised of His disciples, those sorely coveted gifts, amazing is all I can say, a well prophesied date now taking on more of a glorious light, amen, amen.”     <<<"I didn't tell you did I?" Glancing over his shoulder toward a busy Charlotte (Char) changing baby Sebastian, (Bash), did the recent UK terrorist attack remind him of what happen to late Juttah wife Gabrielle herself. Then earlier still a similar bombing a concert claiming two of her friends, only here, in France, "tell me what? Hey there little man," a lovely, bronze with thick curls, laughing out loud at and with her, perfect, blue eyes like his father Beowulf Michael, little boy. "Guess whose coming to dinner? Grandma Rosey, I know it's a miracle, she said not even wild horses could drag her to here, but look at Bash, huh, look at the Stallion Bash? He is so stunning, he is, isn't he, just so exceptional, our son, our miracle. I been intend on telling you, I, well we may return to the states with Mother, what? Is that what you been conspiring behind, no, heck no! I only a day ago contemplated how it was possibly the best thing and the best opportunity to get back home Angel that is all. I love you," shooting those piercing dark eyes at him, that kind, expert appearing, all fashioned along flawless dark skin,and shoulder length hair locks of dark hair. "More than I could ever say, but you, you seem so crisscrossed and at odds with me. My God Angel! I'm not saying to be with your son you have to be with me, or make me your Juttah wife, certainly Bash isn't being held this ransom of marriage, please don't think that, you don't do you? Of course not, I, I love you too and there was a time I was a fool about it all, but not anymore, I'm not Char making that mistake again. I treasure you and Sebastian is just beyond precious to me, I won't let you go, I can't, marry me, come with me into the Juttah. My Christ, you're sure? Please Angel I'm begging you, don't let my decision to leave pressure you in any way, the Supreme this witness that wasn't my intention, I know, I can clearly see that, there has been no pressure from you Char in any way and that cause me to respect you all the more, I need your answer, you mean renew our Juttah vows? Yes, all Char with the Tribe this witness and this lovely marriage supper to follow, so you've already planned this? Of course, with every beat of my heart, I'm addicted to this request. With the reality Char of us, yes the Lord also this witness, I just been working up enough nerves to ask you, that is all. Look, I even have this" curiously witnessing him go off toward a small porcelain drawer, a stylish back, trimmed in gold box. Did such sentiments begin to sting in her nostrils, her throat, spilling her eyes at the very thought. "I can't tell you why I never offered it to Gabby, I, well, there was so much guilt there, I just could't get over the fact you Char was, is my first love, wife, and Bash as Sabertooth calls him, my heir. So it is yours, my,"  removing the small, exquisite silver, diamond jewel into a wipe of her cheeks, along a seat upon the bed, the atmosphere itself so magical. "It is so precious, tell me more about it, well you remember that soul searching trip to Spain, to Barcelona, my word," happily fanning her hand a show of this lovely ring, her lovely finger, just this meant to be perfect fit, how joyous the hour. "I remember Angel  telling you, you best behave yourself there, but that seem ages ago. I can't believe you've had this since, I Beowulf Michael Angelo,” as one come down to one knee to her, "I am a man, I am not a child, I fully understand the vow I am to make."     <<<"I gather you think about him everyday, as I do my mother and she is only a call away, speaking Reynolds of your mother, well your parents actually, your siblings, if you have any. One older sister, one older brother, and no Omni, I couldn't get any of them to come, they count all of this marvelous ship. Into these huge giant waves, the appearance of sea creatures so stunning here and there, all of that's so beyond incredible, as foolishness. I shutter to think what's to happen to them, to millions Us soil that will not relent of the American Dream, the reality of it's lost is just to much to bargain even the saving of their souls with. That Reynolds and the fact they keep hope alive, that it will survive various cataclysms Maaseiah predicted upon them come right now. I'm Omni remembering when Jesus was explaining to the disciples he was leaving, a temporal departure by why of the cross, but they, like American Refugees couldn't as yet bear it and Peter instead offered to build him, Jesus, and those two ancient fathers the mount of transfiguration these earthbound tabernacles instead this cursed to chaotic to apocalyptic earth. That he, Peter had no ideal of the tremendous weight of glory to human toll he was asking Jesus to forfeit to inherit a temporal earth, gone entirely wrong . Then Reynolds all you hear is Jesus saying, get ye hence Satan, flesh and blood cannot inherit God's Kingdom, ye must be born again, repent or perish, right? Right, for except Jesus departed us again by way of the Cross there would be no blood redemption for the human being, the same is now true Omni for us, the Bride. Unless this identical Christ come and snatch us up to marriage suppers in heaven, and return His Millennium Reign, as is biblical, to prophetic there will be no kingdom reign, new age for the now redeemed human being come holy spirits. No doubt Reynolds it's why Jesus told disciples, despite how horrid it all seem, end time fulfillment, these are things that must be, again that all promises and prophecies, God's Will be done both in heaven and upon the earth. Though strong delusions happens to them, they're yet voting in Presidents and leaders world wide, when they've been given over to what Maasieah sees is a slow motion exodus. Just this unimaginable get away now come this huge maze of a fall out shelter pending with black bowls of greater judgments only now Reynolds set into their highest gear of performance, God's Kingdom is come, but so is it's wine press of wrath, beware! You know most of the time I can even tell we're on this huge sea mobile, Aquatic Juttah,twenty-four of them, like the heir Juttah and Juttah Transit, that's been moving people by the hundred of thousands secretly along these vast air, ground and water waves since the Maya time table," as one lovingly folding her arm into his along a precious head to his shoulder, truly intimidating his now heighten blood throughout, frightful that Naomni all the more expected them to marry. "This place at night though, the closer we draw to Africa's shores you know, there can only Reynolds be one better place, yes, Jesus explaining to Governor Pilate, this world, despite how heartrendingly, overwhelming at times, it is not our home, meaning our home is vastly more unspeakable without measure for the Ancient. Then the air out here at times, all along these waves, one after another, is just so breath satisfactory, vitalizing I know you feel it too, feel it Omni, get it, drink it. It's in my blood and throughout this body's substance like a holy anointing, so this is nothing compared to those in heaven, gone before us. To be absent from the body, from Omni all of this, is to be present with heavens phenomena before description host and there Reynolds is where my father is, let us not forget it, thank you for blessed assurance, I won't."  Why Speak In Parables, for they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth. Be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

Listening to big daddy weave, overwhelmed

Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; 

Scene XXIX

-”don't understand, what are you showing me? See my son, it is Gabrielle, look closelthe date, the news article, ah my god, she's alive,” heighten along a hard swallow of filling, spilling eyeshis nose, lips, he had to admit he had his suspicions, but was this some trick? “She's ah, Gabby's alive? What you see? Yes, this is a ransom, they want for her, for safe return. See Me'sure, I owe this money, they take daughter, you, you telling me you knew this all along? No, no, I thought we lost her the marketthought her, when I get this, this, news, like you, I am shocked, mother too. How much?” Fanning a careful glance, a wipe to his nose, cheek along the eating house, into Charlotte and Gabrielle’s mother a couple tables away playing around with baby Sebastian. “Ah, it doesn't matter, I will take thito the Tribe, they will know, they will help, no, no, my son, you misunderstand, no, no, I not to give them money, they fund terrible things with money, no, no, you ask the Tribe, is it that they do best, they pray, they pray for Gabrielle safe release. No money, but want they hurt her, kill her, my Gabrielle is alive, first miracle, my Gabrielle not harm the second miracle, the tribe, they pray for her, the third miracle, my Gabrielle safe, home. I see where she get her faith, yes, she stand against them, give truth to them, they grow tired, get rid of her, we go then, we go to the Tribe, right now, this is good, this is very good.” >>>Celeste is sleep, Branch and Phearce are into the game, let me help, what can I do? Celeste is sleep? Celeste is expecting, and if you spoil the surprise of her telling you herself, what, what you gonna do? You can cut up the onions, onions? Ah I already feel my eyes burning, and garlic, Mr. I want to help, I'm gonna smell a mess when I'm done, not if you put this Apron on,” coming close enough to tie it around his waste there was a time Regan nor Roman thought they could ever be this close ever again. “I'm really, really trying to imagine Celeste as a mom, and no matter how I look at it, I just can't see it you know. Yeah, I know, but her with child Rig has put fire under her feet regarding this African Juttah, my wife want to pack me up have us leave forever thlife, the nation, even the only world we've ever known. I know how intimidating that can be, but Maaseiah Rome says it has to happen, why not now? Now before millions are in this stampede, many will die in just the panic alone, so are you and Phearce going to take your own advice? Pheace and I are as good as out of here, we're just waiting on little Henry, that remind me Rig I been meaning to tell you, you was right about him. I can't imagine where any of us would be without him, without Phearson McPhearson you know, boy Rome do I know, ah man look at us, talking all ground up and stuff, this is some amazing kitchen, Celeste told me but to see it, by the way, you really Rig think God would do that, grant some random woman an extension of Grace, the marriage worshipers, these twenty years? For one Rome I don't think Maaseiah is just some random woman, but as important to man's continence as Mother Eve, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, excreta. ”As one laying pasta carefully into a boiling pot, as one really seeming to know what she was doing, impressive Roman thought, for one so young. “But a chosen one, as chosen Rome as the original twelve themselves. Just think about it,” for mother eve, God promised a woman seed, and six thousand years of the human being extended into this new kingdom age. this new mankind, holy, living spirit. Is it too hard to imagined this same God extending her, Maaseiah an additional twenty years, think about Father Abraham, God made him the father of all pending nations, people and tribes on this earth, Then look at Noah, when the world was leaning into apocalypse, Elohim found his house alone worthy to bring the woman seed one specific day, hour to that cross, to bouts of resurrections and ascension, even glorification for thousands of years. Thus if any man be in Christ, he Roman Neal is a new creature, old things past away, all thing become new, a marriage supper the God's throne wait for them all. Suppose it all wrong, as one having begun to pick the greens laying around the counter, although Rome was a believer per his wife Celeste, like so many others he had his doubts. “That there is no truth to any of it, only Rome if there is no truth to Jesus is there is no truth the Genesis into God's Kingdom reign, hear me clearly Rome I love, as soon as the Bride was taken, this world America was finished, Maaseiah witness this, she saw millions were dead here, I mean just think, what can end America, into Western rule suddenly and so entirely? What!” >>>”I never told you how much I like your eyes, right? That I prayed day and night that my son, well our son would have his father's eyes, have you and Manaus been, ah, ah, intimate? These deep blues, Asian slanted, lined by long flowing lashes eyes, and no, I've been intimate with one man in my lifetime, the father of my son. Beowulf Michael Angelo. I'm sorry, I don't know what inspired that line of questioning, it's not your fault for not knowing, but I suspected Char, I deeply suspected, and I don't know why, because you're genius, you see and know things that aren't Beowulf that obvious to others, you called me Beowulf, you never call me Beowulf ...Beowulf, the Tribe will see you now, you are welcome Preecest Juttah, no, I'll stay out here with my son, as you wish then. {{{Mom, where are you and dad? What kind of problems? The airport hon are awful now in this age of terrorism, I'm sorry, I should have taken up Angels' offer and send the Heir Juttah, I was concern, I know, but it couldn't be helped, so we'll still hours behind schedule. I'm still beating my head that you guys are coming,” soon curious of a cloaked individual who just rushed into the building, into seat in the distance, did Charlotte feel a bit stirred, it was France, terrorism was everywhere and what a target the Paris Globe. “Ok you guys call me and I can come and meet you, yes Bash is with, Sebastian mom of course, Angel too, ok, he's agitated, I'm sure he need to be changed, ok, hope to see you guys really soon”}}}, keeping her eyes fixed the odd intruder, come in as to have a seat, wondering if she should alert security? Did she simply decide to get as far and as fast away as possible. “What you think?” Laying baby boy the changing table, did she have to admit she waited to hear just the slightest of commotion thankfully that didn't come. “Your dad is really worried, Gabby isn't only alive, but taken against her will, my Christ does it ever stop with these people, and now mom and dad are getting the shake down at the airport because of it, we know how they're traveling back though, don't we my beautiful son, the Heir Juttah? Char, are you in there, I am, I'm changing Bash, please tell me you're ready to go, as soon as I'm finished, what's wrong? To be honest Char, I don't know who it is I can trust, trust God, looking in the direction she'd suspected the stranger and all around but it's apparently been false alarm, though was there such a thing? “And lean not unto your own understanding, right? Right, I love you, I'm tired and I'm hungry, so what about Gabby? I think Gabby is, is, is what? I don;t think it's as bad as all of that, how is that possible, those evil men have her, just trust me, ok, we have not heard it all, not at all, and the Tribe agree. You call them, you called yours parents? I should' have taken your advice, well it's not too late, I'll get my brethren Tribes on it, thank you and I love you too. <<<”Such serious conversations, want some help? As one pulling up a chair, that he's to help, was the game his team was loosing on half time break. where Branch Vincent, and fiancee Tennyson had as well slipped off asleep. “Just as serious Phearce as an American Exodus, what's your thoughts on that?” It is what it is, I see it as knowing a bit how it was for so many countries gone before who were facing annihilating by the God they no longer served, how do we Rome not make the same mistakes.? How many years has this nation been warn of national cataclysms far with little or no chance of survival and we're playing the I'll go if you go game, revelations told us for thousands of years the attitude of the elite at these end times, we see, it's totally clear yet we sit, we stand still, we wait as Jesus forewarn to in most advance of awareness ever to be instead as prophesied taken unaware.” Wow, you guys have really thought about it what Christ Jesus is that smelling so good? That Mrs. Copeson would be your favorite, stuffed bell pepper, ...with mushrooms and all? Yes especially, I mean is it my birthday and I just forgot? Speaking of birthdays, ah, ah my God Roman you told her, I'm so sorry babe it just slipped, it really did Celeste, I was questioning you being so exhausted and it was blurted out before he realized it,ok, ok, Rig, I'm pregnant, ahhhhhhhhhh, I know, I know, so ho wfar along already, ah three months, didn;t keep it from you, ah kept it from myself, kept second guessing, so I only just found out, so, tell her the rest, it's not a single birth, ahhhhhh, my god, twins, yes, both male and female, ah, how hell, heck did you do that, I didn't he did, Rome, did, twins run in his family. Names, I want names, I haven't, though it was too soon, but I been contemplating Castor, or Channing and Chelsea and or Felicity , those are all great names, I won't you and Phearce, me, yes, you, I want you and Rig to write down your favorites of those names, Rome and I will do the name, if we tie, then Branch and Tenny will break it, ok, that's a good ideal, right, means it involves everybody, right, great. Let me know when you guy are ready, my game is back on, may I Preecest Regan be excused from my kitchen duties? Yes you may, you are cooking a full course dinner, greens, pasta, potatoes, ...and corn bread, dessert? I though you would do us the honors, I bough a few things, let you decide, ah, let you ah, Rig! I'm ok, gas I suppose, I'm going to the restroom, so you start on dessert I'll be right back, ok.” If you a think about it, it make sense, Africa is the authentic beast of beauty, beside Christ Jesus, a terrible, wonderful cross, and I contend Preece Roman, Neal Copeson, flesh and blood did not reveal that to you. Did you hear about the most recent Lazarus story, how a corpse travel thousands of miles across Europe into the American continent, to her Richmond Virginia to wake from a morgue only a day prior to be delivered to his own Memorial service? Ah, ah, my ah wife, ah, Celeste told me something about that, I didn't know if, well let Tennyson here tell you,” seeing a freshly awake Juttah bride to be Tennyson Bo'nae was come into the kitchen, fiancee Branch Vincent right on her heels, asking for something to drink, a timing that was perfect. “It was her brother, yes, my brother Ctentri Israel Bo'nae, walked out of a morgue after being dead from a terrorist attack a transit, in France days prior. Ok, I just want to know one thing, can I come and live with you all, things you guys are allowed to know, to see, to understand. I mean have any of you ever considered what it would be like to live with Maaseiah, just this walking, living breathing book of God's Revelations?” 

              ...With One Of Thine Eyes, With One Chain Of Thy Neck...
                                                       Scene XX

     “Ahhh, don't let me goooo, no, no, no, ” holding tightly, clingy to her not letting her breakup their bed reunion. Had Beowulf insisted now for many hours, breakfast in bed, lunch and now they were leaning into dinner, also in bed. “Please baby don't get up, don't move, ever again, don't let me see, hear, realize ever again this world. Please Char, let me close my eyes and awake heaven's throne, hearing our Christ lament, welcome my good and faithful servant. Stop it you incredible man," shaking his blonde stands aloof his darling kissable face, mouth, her dark, flawless skin mirroring his, seeing, thinking baby Sebastian possibly needed a change and the room a little tidying up. "My dearest Juttah husband, we been in the bed all day, what is up with you, what happen in that meeting with you, Gabby's parents and the Tribe? It wasn't her okay, it wasn't freaking Gabby, papa Marseille broke down and admitted it was all planned, a hoax. No, no my god Angel don't tell me that, those really, really nice people, believers Char,” springing up roughly along a sit aside the bed, seeing baby Sebastian was such a good child his play pin, a few toys, so satisfying to him. “I can't believe the game people play, even with God, I mean they repented even as the tribe lead them, or Char we would’ve been looking at a live per-formance of Ananias and Sapphire. Yes, Angel, the names of our twins, excuse me. If we ever get pregnant again and have twins ah, I see, twins huh, no doubt to remind us Char never to lie to Holy Spirits, right? I had this really strange dream Char and I know it's weird saying that about any dream. It was Maaseiah, it was her reminding us that the estimated time of escape she was given. how Char it wasn't simply about the Bride's escape. Though how every leader of the West claiming to care for their people need to love them as much as God and at this same time. At this identical date get it's millions of inheritance as far from the abominable enslavement of Western rule as is possible. Like whatever plans ever to evacuate us millions the case of a nation wide, end disasters need to be enacted even now. Just as God's Trump Char will summon the Bride to heaven, America's Trump is to summon it's inhabitants along an unthinkable exodus right out of it, this present day Moses. You know you're talking only a few months from now, how can America's Trump evacuate safely Angel hundreds of millions? It's literally impossible, the Bride now Holy Spirit will simply as prophesied dissipate into the heavens above, but those Angels of flesh and blood, that's gonna be a bit more difficult, we're talking hundreds of millions. Well maybe we could win the power-ball, give each American one million each to use into their escape, and if they don't well, that's on them, Only you my beautiful man would look at winning a 400 million dollar power-ball in this manner. well Char,  if you think about it, if America is ending what other use is there? Wow Angel, wow, you are in love, aren't you? "I know," as one as to scratch a head of worry thinking, how would getting so many people to safety without the deadliest of stampede be possible. "I know Char ,by a Presidential address that's to carry on as though all Americans are wisely in the know, and while they're congratulating themselves express a plan to guarantee all can enter a safe-haven, and plead they stand patient this plan to escape or suffer direct consequences, their entire families. But they've been warn not to trust the government, they don't have to, they trust Trump, Trump the Truexit, Maaseiah says. So you're saying treat the American people as though it's leaders are oblivious, and were totally convinced they'd been briefed on approaching dangers, now the solution that's to save as many as possible and what exactly Beowulf would that consist of, because what God's people frequent present a future of innovative Genealogists to Artificial intelligence, there is Angel no God Angel, no Jesus' Reign, they believe Yellowstone, Nibiru, into mass corona ejection, even nuclear war all Us soil, they will be the victor, even Char Peter's exploding atom that's like portrayed the movie Knowing is to reduced the planet into a fireball it's entire circumference and you know your fellow american so well, they're stunning ducks unto the orse cataclysmic events and as the days of Noah they're persuaded of their american dream until said horrors come and take them away. It's look a beautiful, what say we go to the park while we still can, I mean Angel while we yet have light, okay, okay, Bash should love that, as so would his mother, what? I see that look, remember that dream about having like a mayday in the park in the children with deadly, holocaust making Clinton's, you would think of that."    >>>"No, no, no, honey, it's just these dreams of various celebrities, regarding these various earth ending disasters is showing us how desperate with the forewarnings of God, the Heavenly Host. I mean Elohim had to stop the disintegration of the Genesis man into the woman seed in Noah's day, so not a new thing, presently, He is given to do the same as alike abominations threatens the very seed harvest of the Righteousness of God. The sexual revolution Nicholas turn genocidal, what began with the Aids pandemic, is now an apocalypse of sexual promiscuity so much so, you know what I heard yesterday, that left me completely in awe?" Witnessing her stunning nakedness as she's to come from beneath stunning. covers out of this expert marriage bed, just before she wrapped into a silk robe, no doubt Nicholas' rival. Was his wife, Maaseiah Adonai, alias Tiffany Ann yet the most amazing woman this world, Christendom over. "That self need to be pound into the dust like a again, like a seed, Jesus explicating his death to disciples, said, except a grain of wheat goes into earth and dies, it cannot then bring forth a great harvest, Holy Spirit was saying the same about all coming after Jesus. Pray the sinner's prayer with me, but you already, no, I wasn't, well my heart Tiffany wasn't ready then, but now, please, right now? When Tiffany is there a better time to repent that right this moment, yeah, that is all we have at the time. Come down here, as one leading him to his need, reminded of this thing said about him so seeming long ago, how he was of no use, as his knees were broken, but seeing her once stubborn husband kneeing as so a miraculous healing commences. Just repeat whatever Nicholas darling I say, “dear God, first we ask for the forgiveness of sin, for you have said in your word, you won't hear us, have nor handle us as long as we have sin. We Then ask you Jesus to come into ours heart and shape as your heart, we ask you holy spirit to come into our spirit and make us a holy, acceptable temple of God, these things we asked by blessed Jesus' blood, in his name, Amen, now my stunning husband for all time, you are now found worthy to escape. I was Nicholas, as they both come into a gentle seat aong aside this incredible marriage bed of their, now a prayer bed, I heard this, well what I heard left me it left me in mouth gaping awe, though it shouldn't have, how the number one killer of persons under fifty is just this outbreak of drug overdoes, “you mean Tiffany, ah Maaseiah, the grim reaper you saw, bearing a sword-like syringe, coming upon and stabbing even stampeding people, as he wasp them along a straight target of their heart, that Nicholas was the end of America, of Western civilization. There is this one thing Nicolas really tugging at me, as one again up, preparing a long day as always for them both, she off to the center, he off to the office, to student lawyers, at my heart Nicholas, something that happen that I never shared with you, I woke in bed this particular morning, glanced around the room because I couldn't find a place where there wasn't an angel standing at the ready, what, yes, what was even more concerning, I just shook it off like it was all routine, maybe somewhere Tiffany in your divine subconsciousness it is, someone is making Coffee and it's driving me crazy, yeah, me too, seeing he's to come up, is naked lord forgiveness as a Greek goddess prince, so model perfect, this cover no undoubtedly her rival, that Nicholas wasn't all, then sweetness tell me, just tell me, a week or so later, while we were out gardening, and you hinted my ministry could cause offense, even an act of violence against me, just as you said, Nicholas I swear, there was no way I expected this, but it was like this readied army suddenly and abruptly enveloped me all round and through as to say Tiffany, such the one would have to past through them first, for them one, you Maaseiah, is greatly beloved. “Then Tiffany I took sick, and died several times before like just now , I was given another chance, so did Holy Spirits see me as a threat, not so much you, but the wayward heart Nicholas, who can know it?”

                                                   ...Thou Hast Ravished My Heart...

                                                                    Scene XXI

     "Only there is one thing Milla we do know, if God as is written the living word, is the same today, yesterday and forever, then the abominations America, the West cannot go unpunished right, right? So laying aside yours and millions of Americans unbelief, that Maaseiah has only agreeably lost her mind, yes, thank God, we couldn't have her as a revelational watcher. As Mill a procrastinator of what other great leaders refuse, fearing persecution if she didn't have what she call a Jesus' head, heart. Please darling wife tell me, us Mill you are not one of those who will not be warned, one of those Mill refusing to receive what is so blatantly and jubilantly obvious and count it as a signal to run, to get out, as far away as possible, if even by Jesus' Sweet Blood? Everything Maaseiah has predicted to be, to happen, just these impossible Us soil events that's to end everything as we know it as quickly as one is to blink an eye. They are all, every element that's to bring such cataclysms Milla are showing heighten activity and heighten awareness until great scientist are baffled right now, baffled Milla, again baffled. Right before the present Millennial which is showing to be Christ's, which Mill believe me, Maaseiah was warn and thus warn us, how just as the year 2000 come in how records would be both set and broken at such an extent, that if you're a hundred years old you would've seen nothing like it. You damn right Milla it's scary when Heaven is actually Hell and because America is such the distraction you can't even tell until you're there and no longer is it Jesus's blood but hell alone has the power.  I been intend Father to tell you Maaseiah's latest, she was in a demonstration whereas the book o life was open, I'm sorry, the what, what John is describing in Revelation 20, what, mean son what? Yes, she said she's been having dreams off and on about looking at this list of names, but this particular morning it was made clear, that specialty book was not only open to her, it was being made father into a roll call, that Maaseiah think is to explain the physically overwhelming census taking that she described, she said father, every time one of it's occupants were summon, said idenity would rise from these ancient scrolls, and float admirably above all theirs heads into heavenly places away and on to the next, and that Spirit, would explain blessed Jesus her being so bodily embattled we're talking every name from Abel to the last one calling Jesus' into His Millennium, both beautiful father and terrible, I don't understand Spirit River, terrible? Because Mother Milla, whosoever name isn't found written in the Lamb's book of life, shall be cast into the lake which burns with fire, and you Cross you said who else saw this? Ah Mill, Apostle John, wrote about the Lamb's book of life, that Spirit is now quoting, and Maaseiah did witness, it's recorded in Revelation the 20th chapter, and your Maaseiah\, our Milla, our Maaseiah Milla, she saw this? Correct, do you know how far removed from all things at present the Bride would have to be before this blessed event? It's happening, what, what's happening? The end Milla, the blessed end o all evil, the end time census can only proceed God's Wine Press, His, the, the great pouring out of His Judgment whereas millions not including the Antichrist reign of humans Milla will equally die, such is the plague upon all of Western Civilization and the entire rebellious world. That father explains it, I looked into a dream, whereas it could only be explained as a word puzzle, where the word now was being moved all about until father it is brought to rest right after the word Judgment as in you guys, “Judgment now! So again Cross this indescribable indication we're to pack only what we can carry and escape, right? Where are you going,” seeing wife Camilla more disturbed than she'd ever been, making hurriedly toward the stairs, the same stairs he'd carried a frighten child like, sorely helpless Maaseiah that day he felled in loved at first sight, “I will again Cross inform my family about what is happening, and how they need to prepare, Milla, to remain in America is futile, they must plan an escape, a stampede of millions in panic is upon us, they must, believe me Cross for the first time ever, I understand. Do we now father understand, the Mayan having these same inconceivable forewarnings is why it was so urgent that they walked away from everything? Yes son, Spirit River, I believe we do, that's son understandable, still what is that look of you? Sia/Preece, Spirit River Artelon, Israeli born, the unlawful (a product of incest, yet the most stunning of marriage worshipers, the youngest of Sia's/Juttah's Leader among them), son/brother of Christian Cros Artelon. If father, well, the more born again Christians leave this nation, the more, ah greater it's troubles, I know son. Though all through bible history, from Genesis to, Jesus Himself, and Elohim's Revelation there's always come a time God's Anointed are lead to move, to get out Spirit, to escape, and that time son is now. Jesus said those who're on the roof top are not to come down, that we're to pray for those giving suck, (birth moms), and that our flight isn't in the winter. I heard just the other day there is a historic eclipse Father, come both 2017 and again father 2024. What could be the very year Jesus is to return to earth with bride, where it's prophesied the book of Zechariah, such a day will be a day of twilight. A father, eclipse of the sun. It's all coming together, even scientifically, cosmologically if you will, now I wish I'd left with my cousins, though it's not to late, you wasn't ready, I think your Preece wife to be had a lot to do with that, yes Father, I think you're right, I need to call her, like momma Camilla, she's trying to persuade family.” Why speak in parables, for they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth.”  >>>“Dad,” having fallen asleep the stunning passenger Jet, the Heir (Air) Juttah, were there comforts here as one is to be treated as a royal king, queen, the African Juttah. “Yes Falcon what it is? I been hearing some weird things about that hill, Negeb Ophel, I know son,” turning his head as to get a better look at his youngest son, did father Cheyenne understand his curiosity, as that Hill was of utmost concern. "It is not to bother you Falcon, it's just that the wages of sins are instantly dealt with, no more delay, so all you have to do son is remain faithful to totally godliness. Our ETA father is in three hours, in three hours dad we'll be in the African Juttah, good, I can't wait and from what I'm hearing, neither can you. “Can I father tell you of a dream, sure, please, in the dream I was being awaken from sleep by this African born male, who then dad brought me out of this tent. Brought me along the shore line and begin to point out this innumerable of American refugees dad, just pouring onto the banks of this African island and that was it. As so Falcon Brook they one day will, all the African Islands will be inundated with them, especially the unrepentant. It will be sort of a safe haven for them, sort of son as there are no reapers to keep them, unlike believers being kept in the African Juttah for as long as we're, they're faithful. Now why is a thirteen year old with an eternity to be spent in God's Kingdom so concern with such things? Jesus Falcon decided the infinite fate of the blood redeemed and their households the moment He cried, I know papa, “it is finished,” and Falcon Brook it is. Make no mistake son, this Heir Juttah is still us getting and finding our way to Septennial, to Jesus forever and always, for as the prophet Isaiah prophesied, the righteous will no longer suffer with the unrighteous. Thank you dad, you're welcome son, now go to your seat and have fun, games and sorts, I will, I promise, good. What is my beautiful wife reading? That lovely husband is for me to know and for you to find out, which lovely wife is why I asked, ah you did didn't you. It's a book, really a commentary all about the African Juttah, there are scene's in here Chey, just breathtaking. Just this beast of beauty so phenomena, but as far as what the Juttah is, it says basically what you just told our son, Falcon. That was some dream he had huh?" Witnessed upon as one lowering her voice into his dainty ear, soothing scent, this careful, not that any of them didn't know, but just kept to themselves, as they were. “We really are looking at the end of America aren't we? Yeah, Maaseiah even said we would watch from up there, even babe, the second heavens as it all come to ruin one day, one disaster after another. So knowing this babe, I was watching some footage the other day, of people catching on their sky cameras, a literal city in the sky. They could babe see in the skyline this rising and falling of a downtown city, right there, in the heavens and I couldn't help but wonder. Well, ask, is that the Bride's city, where she, they'll remain doing the seven years of earth's tribulations; were they seeing, even getting a glimpse of our mansion in heavens brought down to occupy the second realm of heavens territories? Ah my God Chey, only you, Maaseiah's advocate would even imagine something like that, imagined, I saw it, just as they supposedly saw it, and, well Satan and the fallen are cast down from it by then.  As so I read behind one writer who suggested it could be for this reason, the Bride's resurrection, so my theory my darling isn't all that far fetched, hum, I guess not. So these sky watchers, what they think is alien, is actually them looking upon a possible invasion of the Universe by the Brides' territorial mansions; then soon John's description of a descending New Jerusalem; ah my god Chey, and Maaseiah's resent sighting of the glorious descent of Jesus' Millennium. Undoubtedly why we were encouraged to watch for signs in the heavens in the first, I couldn't have babe said it or described it better, surely Chey all these years of being around you and Maaseiah has it's moments, and believe me girl, that was one of them, wow, umm, you smell really good, fasten to sleep my lovely husband, fasten to sleep."  Why speak in parables, for they say the Lord seeth us not, the Lord is ascended from the earth, awake, be aware as God, Himself, Apb, The RAM

                                 ...Thy lips, O My Spouse, Drop As The Honeycomb...

                                                          Scene XXII

     -"I thought I might find you in here, my god," as to yarn and stretch unendingly, painfully yet soothingly, had he slept seeming all these hours into the Juttah; though now coming upon his wife, his babe in the nursery. “Ahhhhhh, why am I so tired, well, how long has it been Lion Wolf, Saber Tooth since you're able to rest from the Paris Globe and all that, that concern? My Christ Julia since forever, I can't believe she's still asleep, she woke, I feed her and changed her and singed her back to sleep. Your sons are around the Heir (Air), Juttah somewhere, I saw them, the game room, playing air hockey, they are so competitive, most siblings Lion, well children are. been meaning to ask you,” as one bringing them both into rockers aside one the other, the Paris Globe and all were moving finally, getting themselves into the African Juttah, it's Sepetennial nearing. Though no one has mentioned that of Noah's Ark in the room, that the timing alone as with the Marriage Worssippers in 2012, is absolutely perfect, seeing especially France is literally imploding right now. "I heard you when you compared Ezekiel 5 to events now, that God's wrath by infernos yet targeted the people even Lion as they stampeded. Yes, I read that, their procrastination at throwing God's ceaseless forewarnings back at Him, was itself a deadly curse that God judged mightily. It's Maaseiah's dream of the slow motion exodus, who Julie doesn't know how much trouble America, and all practicing Western Rule are in, I further contend, who? They've been warn for centuries that their legalization and living deliciously in, of what to God are abominations will one day come home to roost. That's of harvesting fort great cataclysms one after another that they're incapable to like the born again shrinking away into the heavens, onto to marriage suppers, to escape from, having forsaken God, found to be Antichrist. They showed Maaseiah how even after thousands of years of forewarning, that they're all Julia captured into a slow motion exodus. Meaning it isn't that they don't know, it's that they refuse to give God or to get out of the way of God's due, of His wine press of reaping mountainous blood guiltiness, thus Jesus lament that men repent or perish. What I realize is that Elohim doesn't just see us, He know our every character flaw, judging the heart nothing of what is mankind is hidden from Him. Before this dream Julia there was the one about the whole of the rebellious world being totally and utterly bedazzled by a predatory lending. Even this leopardess American Dream right into the costliest of distractions, of it's most lethal of abandonment to desolation's now targeting, as to put away millions. And that isn't all,” a witness how a more wearied,Lion Wolf, Saber tooth, is come up along side the crib, to get just the sweetest look at his first daughter, Rose Spring Blossom, yet fasten asleep. "There is much more, much, much more, that when the word of God Juttah wife says it will not leave us ignorant, men perish because they refuse the light, the forewarnings that is come,on this constant. I fear Julia, these nearing horrors are so imminent, I ran across an article, the title, how a celebratory couple is to welcome twins; immediately I thought to myself, they better learn how to backpack them across their shoulders and run, and run as fast and as far as possible, the worse troubles ever are come upon them. So, there's also the dream about Maaseiah finding us all in this gigantic maze of a fall out shelter and bathrooms brawls as traps for all children., Here where she witnessed millions standing patiently in line, the emphasis here is standing patiently, as in no hurry, as in equally, a damned spirit of deliberation. Regardless, here they all were, again Julia by the millions awaiting a single water cooler, meaning an unimaginable food to water shortage. Then, as if all the horrors portrayed here isn't enough, she then witnesses a woman bearing black bowls approaching. Black bowls? I, don't, well, the sevens vials of Revelation sixteenthe worse of the worse of tribulation Julia are also referenced to as bowls, Maaseiah said she moved into this endless line, just as it come her (well the bride is gone, it's the tribulation saints), turn, that this mystery lady and her started a conversation. It oddly enough Julia was about better homeless shelters, when she reached into her pocket and hand her a business card all about it, you mean all about better homeless shelters? Correct, ah, yes, and there are worse predictions than this? Yes, again, but it's all to verify what the Angel Gabriel 2004 foretold, that the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind. So here lately Maaseiah was assured regardless of how they call on Trump. there's is a nuclear fate, how all parents should be killed by a certain date, how all schools should be finished, that fifty million will die, that said judgment is now, how we, well all persons are to get to repentant alters, for God is now avenging martyred blood; all Julia, with an extinction level event predicted to happen in less than four months.” As one beginning to hear the emotion in his voice, even as he sniffed them away, that so evidently glistening in his eyes, as he sadly, vaguely faltered into a seat, this mesmerized by it all. “Further meaning when the Revelations of God mimic stampeding people crying to all shelters and preppers prepping the hills, the mountains, the underground, right now. As to say, fall on us and my dearest wife hide us, for the great day of His Wrath is come, and who shall be able to stand, said troubles beginning with America, and Western Civilization. Though it wasn't just referring them, but right now, all of earth's inhabitants are on just this second by second countdown to the end of everything. That's as the days of Noah, there is one Specialty Ark, as the days of Lot, One Divine, Designed escape and as the days of Moses by a Specific Lamb's blood, one made Glorious by Him, Exodus, Trump, both there's and ours is a Tryexit, some by the Holy Spirit, others by the wine-press of God, millions more to be redeemed. So Lion, what Maaseiah is telling us is all earths troubles are about to get a thousand times and more worse? Indeed Julia," as to pluck the slightest tear from his nose, at coming closer, was little Rosey girl beginning to stir awake, and just in time,as daddLion Wolf so needed her love and her support,. “Indeed, hey their little darling, daddy could really use your company, I'll go check on the boys, I'm sorry if I alarmed you, there was nothing new Lion. As you said, these things passing away all  former things have been prophesied these thousands of years, human kind is without excuse, Maaseiah and all like her, they are a blessed hope of Holy Spirits reminding us, well just as Jesus said, this place is no longer our home. I guess Lion you can say, it haven't been since our first parents fall, now enjoy your daughter, doctor's orders, tell her about heaven and the beyond phenomenal new age to come, huh? Yes, for sure I will.